Changes to item specifics for media, jewelry categories

No primary category set

If you list on in the media or jewelry categories, are coming next month (on a date yet to be specified).

For media categories Books, DVDs & Movies, Music and Video Games, the current “new” and “used” item specifics are being replaced with “brand new”, “like new”, “very good”, “good” and “acceptable”. Sellers should note that when relisting, current “new” will default to “brand new”, and “used” to “acceptable”: make sure this doesn’t misdescribe your item!

In Jewelry, item specifics are being added to the new categories Fine Bracelets, Fine Earrings, Fine Necklaces & Pendants and Fine Rings, and “used” will be available as a condition alongside the current “new”.

More details of the changes are .

11 Responses

  1. Hmmm “very good”, “good”…. what’s the difference? Sellers are going to need to be specific in their descriptions calling out exactly what condition their items are in.

    What I might call very good condition you might call barely acceptable

  2. Jewerly, Jewellery, Dondition……I am confused before you started lol

    Basicly what Chris said, New or Used, if its used then describe it properly in the description,,

    I wonder sometimes about eBay I really do.

  3. in days gone by I could list 30 or 40 jewellery listings a day, these days I am struggling with 10 or so
    filling in item specfics for unique items is slowing things down badly,

    might be ok if your listing a skip full of tat from the far east ,
    but for antique and quality items its a nightmare

  4. This wouldn’t be the same eBay that removes listings for keyword spamming because “As New” has been used in the title??? It must be another eBay in a parallel universe!

  5. That’s right, FenLex. 😉

    I think this is good. If you search for “new”, “as new” shows up. It’s probably not keyword spamming in the deliberate sense, but it is confusing to buyers. If I search for “new”, I want “new”, not “as new”, “like new” or “nearly new”. Now, I can do that.

  6. Oh good grief can it get any worse, eBay’s changes are getting more rediculous by the day.

    I wonder which other well known site they’ve copied this from, further proof if it was needed that eBay will end up nothing more than a poor copy of Amazon. Thank heavens i’m winding down ebay over the next few months, it’s driving me mad.

  7. Oh heck, both the CDs and the jewellery I list will be affected. Already the item specifics for jewellery are a nightmare, I can list as clip-on OR Dangling/drop but not both, it’s daft. So looks like I will have to revise every single listing I have.

    Oh well, like Michelle I only sell second hand CDs and my gradings are in the item description.

    And Chris, in the CD/record world (and may other second hand items) there is an awful lot of difference between “good” and “very good”. And yes you do need to spell out to the buyer what you mean by these labels.

  8. Not sure about CD’s but in vintage clothing good seems to mean totally knackered. Excellent means worn and washed 400 times but still wearable (in a dark room). Mint would be just a couple of minor snags. 🙂

  9. The values used for the new/used item specifics are not original.
    Just the same as



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