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eBay IrelandeBay Ireland have announced some changes today which they say are designed to make the site an easier and safer place to shop. Most of these reflect changes made on other eBay sites earlier in the year.

DSRs under 4.3 disadvantaged in search

The most significant change for sellers is that DSRs will now impact placement in search. Sellers with any one of their DSR scores at 4.3 or below will be placed lower in search results. DSR scores for this purpose are calculated over 30 days, so anyone who slips below the threshold due to abnormal problems – perhaps a batch of mail lost, or one very disgruntled customer – should be able to rectify things. eBay’s tips on improving DSRs are always worth a read.

Watch more, checkout quicker

Watch list capacity will be increased to 200 items, and eBayers will be able to create customised lists from items already on their watch list. Buyers will now be able to pay by PayPal without actually leaving the eBay site.

New view item page

This is the same layout as introduced on eBay.co.uk, .fr, .com and elsewhere: you can see a mock-up of the Irish version here.

Changes to search behaviour

Best Match will become the default search sort, though items from Irish sellers will continue to be placed above overseas sellers in search results. Search will now take into account the category the item is listed in, and any item specifics, when presenting search results: make sure you have those item specifics filled out! These changes have been extremely controversial on other eBay sites, with sellers complaining they can’t find their own items, and many buyers also less than enthusiastic, so it’ll be interesting to see if Irish users are any happier about the implementation.

eBay Ireland are rather vague on the timescale for these changes. The new view item page is slated for “late this year or early next year”, though some users may be seeing it already. Increased watch list capacity should be available “in September”, and there is no mention of timing for any of the changes to search sorting.

One Response

  1. Item specifics filled out? Yes, embraced from just about day 1.

    In spite of this, more often than not just to appear as ‘not specified’

    eBay has so much work to do ….



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