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Feedback revision is now live on the eBay site, if you’ve got any negatives or neutral feedback for which you’ve resolved the problem with the buyer you can request them to upgrade their feedback (They’re unable to downgrade it).

There are limits of 5 edits per 1,000 feedback received and you can only request one edit per individual feedback so make sure you communicate with your buyer before sending the revision request. Options given are “I resolved a problem the buyer had with this transaction”, “The buyer confirmed that he or she had accidentally left the wrong feedback” or “Other” along with the ability to add a note to the buyer.

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  1. About time it was up and running but limiting it to 5 per 1000 feedback points is pretty limiting.

  2. That’s strange Chris

    The US announcements and accompanying PR said the average was EIGHT negs and / or neutrals per 1000 as an average for all eBay worldwide.

    Or are you only talking about the UK site?

  3. @ # 3

    #1 Not really – over the entire eBay site non-positive feedback is about 1 in 1000. Only sellers receiving more than average negs/neuts will run out of requests.

    I haven’t heard that before. Where did this number come from and does it take into account that buyers can only receive positive feedback?

  4. I will never run out of requests because I wont ever use any of them
    not a chance of us asking then being held to ransome

  5. Just looked at the image a little closer. It is just as I feared that they would lump accidental feedback with this. At least before revision was introduced the rules stated this sort of feedback could be removed by contacting eBay. This is just eBay trying to reduce their overhead.

  6. #8 Congratulations on been above average 🙂

    Do you have the figures broken down by country by any chance ?

    No real reason for asking, just curiosity.

  7. I understand why they have limits on negs but it makes no sense to have limits on neutrals. Neutrals have no impact on your FB percentage. If a seller goes out of their way to turn a neutral experience, they should be rewarded.

  8. 2# It’s in the feedback forum. Click your feedback score. Look top left of page. Links are Home > Community > Feedback forum. Bingo!

  9. what’s funny is that in May when they changed the feedback rules, I got a ton of negatives and I thought I was going to get suspended because my Seller Dashboard read unacceptable.

    eBay is on such a rampage to get rid of the small sellers that almost every neg I got that month is off my profile because the buyers who left me those negatives are all suspended (I looked at there feedback and they each got one or two negs)

    My feedback percentage is now 99.8% it was 97.5% in May.

  10. Chris – just musing here – I wonder if there’s any correlation between the national averages for DSRs that some eBay sites trot out from time to time, and the rate of negatives as an average received from buyers in those countries?

    Hmm … that’s not too clear – try again – buyers are not restricted to buying from sellers in their own country, It’d be interesting and very useful to know the average rate of negs issued by buyers, on a country by country basis.

    Also, to have more frequent updates from all eBays on the average DSRs attained by sellers from each country. Again – indicative of the buyer tolerance and knowledge within each country.

    It’d sure help with listing targeting (and avoidance) when planning cross border campaigns. I think the last set of national averages were released in the spring (by only 2 countries) and it was about this time last year that a bunch of them released those averages in official announcements.

    It’s one sort of data that all sellers need access to – can’t understand why eBay are so reluctant to release it … unless it’s showing downward rating trends, which would prove they’re not working.


  11. With the new feedback rules buyers are becoming only too aware that most sellers are fearful of a negative and with only positive FB allowed for buyers the pendulum has swung too far in the buyers favour.

    I have found buyers more demanding eg ‘I want to return this item (after 6 weeks) and I expect a full refund and my postage paid. By the way I am yet to leave feedback for you’.

    Feedback revision is helpful but there is still no guarantee that even if after you have done what the buyer wanted he or she will agree to your request.

  12. mm, well it’s a good idea.. however for my last two neuts, one was left by a buyer who was setting up in competition and didn’t look at the item picture and the other thought it was fair to leave me a neut for the postal delay which I knew nothing about until the neut (and the delay was not that long either). I would have thought they are not the sort of buyers who would amend feedback and I’m not sure I would want to contact them again to ask them anyway.


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