First ads start to appear on private sellers’ listings

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eBay are now running adverts at the foot of private sellers’ listings. I’ve only managed to spot a couple so far, but they’re the usual suspects for eBay credit cards and laser eye surgery.

Of course being eBay not only are they plugging ads for themselves, but they’ve managed to muck things up. The ad for the eBay credit card is a waste of time when displayed to UK users, as it’s only available to US residents. They’d be much better off with an ad for the PayPal credit card which is available in the UK.

What I find less acceptable is that if you click the ad for laser eye surgery (a third party ad) it opens in a new window. If you click the ad for the eBay credit card it opens in the same window and navigates away from the listing you were viewing. I don’t know if that’s a mistake in coding, or if it’s just eBay giving higher priority to their own ads, but moving away from a listing a buyer was interested in is never a good move.

If you’ve spotted any other ads on private sellers’ listings let us know what you think, and if they’re for anything actually useful for UK residents.

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  1. “I am going to have to stop shopping: it makes me feel ill.”

    Before selling on ebay I was a regular buyer and have bought numerous products over the years. However Sue comment about shopping on ebay stuck a cord and I realised that Amazon is now my first shopping preference, followed by other channels and ebay is generally my last port of call. This wasn’t a conscious decision to avoid ebay, but a slow change of attitude. It’s now difficult to find what you want without being bombarded with completely non relevant information. I consider Best Match nothing more than an insult to my intelligence. I know what I want – don’t try and tell me what’s the Best match – I will make my own mind up, thank you.

    There is quite simply too much clutter and distractions.

    I really don’t want to see eye surgery advertisements and every time I do I get just a little bit more reluctant to shop on ebay. If I wanted to see eye surgery advertisements I would search for it. If I find these adverts annoying and pointless then I’m sure many other do as well.

  2. Classic ebay giving sellers one in the eye again. There is an advert now on the right hand side of my listing, just below the other item info box.

    I dont need an advert for BT or whoever ebay prostitutes the page I PAID FOR.

    The advert is roughly about 300 x 300 pixels, and so PUSHED DOWN MY ITEM DESCRIPTION and there is a chunk of whitespace between my item description and the top summary box. Ya I know this is no big deal to some, but …

    a) it pisses me off
    b) it pisses me off
    c) it pisses me off
    d) I paid for a chunk of space to advertise my shit, not jostle for eyeball time

    Fu@k you ebay. Don’t you make enough money from me already??????

  3. I get the eyeball & vodaphone links (adverts) pop up when I sign out of ebay as well.

    I’ve tried blocking the IP addresses from my browser. but no effect.

    Getting a bit to much ebay. I know I’m getting older, but I don’t need you reminding me all the time.

    PS; SUE, got the key board fixed at long last. Just got to get out of the bad habits I learned whilst it was AF……….Like thumping it very hard in anger.

  4. Here you go, this one is on a listing I just put up..

    That was on a live listing in seller view, the one earlier appeared after the end of the sale.

    It’s annoying, and I can only assume ebay are not getting enough hits from all the other adverts spuffed all over the ebay universe.


    I’ll quit the bitching about it. 🙁

    Sorry for the rant.


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