[Updated] Free listing for private seller auctions 18th & 19th February

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On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th February, private sellers will be able to list auctions on eBay UK with no insertion fees. All other normal fees will still apply. ; the usual category exclusions apply, and sellers will need to list using the Sell Your Item form; items listed with tools such as Turbo Lister and SMP are excluded. Page has been amended now to remove prohibition of listing tools.

Thanks to the lovely Magnum Opus for the link.

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  1. According to the terms it doesn’t exclude Turbo Lister and SMP.

    Unlike the terms in the promotion on 17th January. *Items listed using professional tools, such as, Turbo Lister, are excluded.*

  2. The terms have changed. The section shown when the promotion first appeared which excluded the use of professional listing tools has now been removed.

  3. eBay, a question for you.

    Why would a private seller need to use Turbo Lister?

    If you removed the ability it may put a stop to private sellers who have 10,000 private 99p start auctions ending every day and thus improve the browsing experience for buyers who *don’t* want to buy a load of old pony.

  4. may be the penny has dropped ,
    ebay have allowed
    turbo lister ,knowing its every chance of listing nowt ,and buggering up the listings 😈

  5. There are ways around the ebay rule *Items listed using professional tools, such as, Turbo Lister, are excluded.* if it had of been implemented.
    I have never got my head around why ebay disciminates between private and business sellers. No other media sites such as Amazon or Biblio disciminate in such a way.
    It must cost ebay a fortune in lost sales when media sellers list their stock elswhere where its free to list a book of any price .

  6. After the number of people that complained about being charged for relists/turbo lister/auctiva etc after the last event, many of whom were subsequently refunded, it doesn’t surprise me that eBay made the amendment to the T&C’s. There were plenty of threads on MSE, Q&A etc about this.

    Rather than fix the problem at root cause (limiting numbers of free listings) they come up with a convaluted plan that backfires on them.

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