eBay.com free listing promo but not if you have an eBay shop

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eBay.com and eBay.ca are running a promotion for auctions but only for sellers who don’t have an eBay shop. Sellers without a store subscription can list up to 100 items on auction with no insertion fee.

Sellers would normally get an allowance of 100 free auctions a month, but these would be restricted to a start price of 99p or less. Under the promotion there is no restriction on start price.

The promotion runs from 29th June until the 12th July.

7 Responses

  1. Wow
    They certainly don’t want to keep any store owners do they.
    If I was a store owner I would close it right now.

  2. I am expecting something similar on the UK site in early July, but for non-business sellers only.

    Makes a lot more sense than unlimited free listings for private sellers.

    And there must be a good chance that some of the cash raised will be re-cycled around the site.

  3. eBay is dysfunctional beyond relief. The shop owners on eBay keeps that trashy site going and they just keep jacking sellers. Thus, it should not just be tamed, but also slain.

  4. Well, the effects that this kind of thing has had is:

    1) It has made me not get a store despite considering it a few times. The value of this promotion mitigates against the minor benefits of store ownership for someone who does pretty much all auctions even at a heavy volume.

    2) It has made me hold back on items that are worth over $50 for when I do eventually get a store. Who knows maybe I will go with a store for a single month someday and then get rid of it. In that month I might put only items over $50.

    3) It has reduced the number of pictures I put in my lots — because I always see the difference between having a store and not having a store if I put more pictures than I do.

    Does encouraging people to put up cheaper items on average with fewer pictures actually work in ebays interest in any way whatsoever?


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