eBay roll out new Seller Performance Reports

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eBay are rolling out some additional DSR reporting giving additional information about how your buyers are rating your service on eBay. The report aims to inform sellers which areas they are being rated poorly on by buyers hopefully guiding them on how they can improve.

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The reports should also highlight categories, price ranges and even post code areas where low ratings come from. This information is invaluable, for instance if you surcharge for Highlands and Islands and you habitually get marked down on your P&P charges from buyers in these areas the report will show it.
In addition the report gives visibility as to why buyers complaint are marking you down with feedback comment analysis. Feedback comments are examined to identify areas where you might need to improve your customer service.

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The chart includes comments from the past 12 months and for example if a buyer wrote that they received the incorrect size or colour, then that comment will be counted as “Wrong item”.
I’m impressed with the graphs I’ve seen, but if like me you’re a Top Rated Seller there’s bad news – eBay say that they’re gradually rolling the reports out and for some bizarre reason Top Rated Sellers won’t get them for about another two months.
If you’re not Top Rated the chances are that you can already access the reports by clicking the “Seller performance report” link from the lower left hand menu in your eBay Seller Dashboard.

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  1. We’re Top Rated in UK and US and we have one of these reports for Germany only. It’s pretty but suffers from the classic eBay over-analysis disease.

    Of course this is one step short of what really needs to be done which is publishing the DSRs clearly and fully so that the ill-informed, capricious and malicious can be brought to light and dealt with.

    The analysis of this data is not the issue, it’s the quality of the underlying survey. We have had four feedbacks removed this week where the buyer clicked the wrong button (and later apologised when challenged on their feedback). Fine where we can see the feedback and challenge it. What happens when we can’t see it or challenge it?

  2. PS….Chris & Sue did you get the Joke!! by email…..Sorry thought it was good

  3. Yes have had a good read today, 2 things we need to do

    1. Is easy – certain products which are high priced we dont carry in stock in high volumes due to cash flow we can see these products are causing us issues so we will now be carring them in stock so we can get them sent out faster (we suffer from back orders from suppliers)

    2. We are going to try something out, buyers from the IV postcode area are marking us down on delivery time (this is a massive line of the chart that stands out like a sore thumb – we use second class mail to keep the p&p cost low so buyers dont moan.

    We will start sending orders 1st class mail just to the IV postcode area and see what happens.

    I might be a bit out spoken here and might get a ear bashing for this but it has to be said

    If “you choose to live in an area like the IV postcode area which is very rural as its the highlands of scotland you should NOT expect first class service from any carrier including RM”

    YOU Choose to live in such a place you should put up with the issues that go with it – Poor public transport – few schools and long distances to travel to get to one – Bad weather – Limited ferry services and air travel during bad weather – NO local supermarkets for 50 miles + , NO daly mail service – And they have the cheek to mark us down for this – Want next day service move to the city or a large town.

    Had to be said sorry – Rant over!

  4. Interesting feature but this is the sort of information DSR reports should have always had.

    How does it know which category to specify each rating? Is it interpreting the actual feedback comment (that’s supposed to be anonymous and this would break that)? Or is it making use of that additional information we are asked to fill out when giving low ratings but no one ever actually sees?

    Also curious if this extended functionality will ever hit the API. Right now the only thing it can do that these reports show is the split by category.

  5. At the moment there are blocks for certain countries. Will there soon be the ability to block certain postal areas within the UK (:

  6. matter not to us if they give a report on toe nail cutting as long as buyers buy

  7. Actually this is really quite helpful……For once, thank you ebay.

    Our P&P DSRs have taken a hammering recently & we charge only 30p packing charge (average, over the actual postal costs).

    It really does highlight where the problem mainly is & whilst I can see what items are causing it, it is the buyer who is really at fault here.
    We have sold one item for over a year & was very popular in the Summer months (touring van related). They have died a bit of a death this year, so hopefully the P&Ps DSRs will level out.

    The problem is that the buyers do NOT like paying £1.35p P&P on an item that costs only £1.97p………But what they have not considered is that the item concerned is over 28mm thick & hence is a packet post item. The cost RM charge even though the weight is less than 100g is very high & hemce the buyer (once again) taking postal issues out on the seller.

    Apparently. The SW, E&W Midlands & SW London are the people that dislike us the most.

  8. Back again.

    Just checked another ID & funny the same areas (ie; E&W Midlands & SW) are coursing the same problems. So is it us or are there problems with postal deliveries in these areas.

    By the way, we do not hold Mail back for these areas, Ha, just an after thought.

  9. Stoke-on-Trent seemed to have more than its fair share of (RM) Trade Union unofficial action during the last disputes.

  10. Are these screen shots a spoof?

    “Click to embiggen” It’s not even a real word!

  11. So it is a spoof? It’s certainly not a word to use on something that ebay purports to offer as a useful business tool.

    And if you find that buyers in Nuneaton, Neath or Nottingham are particularly harsh in marking you down, what useful action can you take?



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