What happens to eBay shopping basket items after a BIN ends?

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A few people have asked what happens to items in eBay shopping baskets if the listing ends before the item has been purchased. Here’s what you get:

An item in your basket is no longer available. You missed out this time, but there are still more great deals out there. You can also delete the item from your basket, or send it to your watch list.

no longer available
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(If you shop on Amazon Marketplace, it’s not dissimilar to the “moved to ‘saved for later'” function you get there.)

A couple of points that bear repeating because some sellers haven’t quite got how the shopping basket works: items in the basket aren’t bought yet; the shopping basket effectively makes all BINs instant payment only. So there are no UIDs associated with shopping basket items that haven’t been paid for. In fact, as a seller, it’s impossible to tell if something is in a buyer’s basket or not.

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  1. Wow! Great to hear news on an eBay shopping cart! I’ve heard it was coming (about freak’n time…). Any official news on a release date?

  2. the shopping basket effectively makes all BINs instant payment only’

    Buyers will still be able to checkout and pay by any of the seller’s accepted payment methods, cheques and all.

  3. I’m still able to update and give customers postage discounts. If someone else clicks buy it now and pays for it there and then, will the customer waiting for an updated invoice with a postage discount lose out. And does the same go for cheques, postal orders? I’ve got a feeling postal orders will become fashionable as banks get rid of bad customer with credit problems.

  4. Shopping basket bad idea full stop.

    Will everyone just stop and think over the next few statements and then think about the shopping basket.

    Ebay is like all other e-commerce websites such as amazon,pcworld,whsmiths,tesco – True or false?

    Ebay offer all there products from one retailer only – True or False?

    Ebay have the 3 set rates of carriage on there site (this is True) as from september and all ebay sellers must offer all options – True or False?

    Just think about it everyone please – checkouts – baskets fab idea – Tesco do it well so does most other internet companies – it works…. ebay is unique and not like all the others, what works on pc worlds website may not work on ebay.

    Here is an example

    I want to buy the new NCIS DVD box set, also a new pair of trainers and a new red kettle, I want to buy them all on a buy it now and I want them all to be delievered by next day courier I want to pay just one set rate of shipping like amazon charge full stop, the seller of the kettle does not offer next day service as its my day off this week this is the only day when im home, so what happens at checkout – Simple it does not work – Result – unhappy buyer

    Ebay is a “one off” website and there is nothing out there like it (yes I know ebid – waste of time and money)

    Unique website needs unique ideas

    Maybe a change to the watching list and how that works might work better



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