Ford open licensed merchandise shop on eBay Motors

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There’s an auction on eBay that caught my eye for a Ford Mustang converted into a Pool Table. The aim of the auction is to promote the launch of Ford’s new , which although it’s currently based the intention is to open up further eBay shops around the world.

The shop will offer officially licensed Ford merchandise covering everything from Ford Mustang neon signs to Fiesta hoodies. As well as Ford merchandise they also intend to offer restoration parts and vintage shop manuals in the future. Their aim is to make their eBay presence a one-stop shopping destination for Ford fans.

Ford’s entry into eBay is yet another recognition that eBay is just too big an ecommerce venue for Global brands to ignore. Over the last couple of years there has been a dramatic shift in focus from the smaller independent eBay seller to the larger high street retailers and if that direction continues we’ll see ever more larger retailers joining the site.

Large retailers have different needs to the smaller sellers which is why the Ford store is launched using ChannelAdvisor as the back end engine. Ford have also taken the somewhat unusual step of actively promoting their eBay directly from their own website. Most large retailers have yet to fully embrace eBay and use the site to dispose of end of season and excess inventory but Ford are fully promoting eBay.

At the week long Specialty Equipment Market Association show, running from November 2nd to 5th, they are displaying the with computers on surrounding tables so that delegates at the show can place bids on the table. eBay Motors are also at the show and they too have screens monitoring the auction which is timed to end as the show comes to a close.

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  1. At last a Manufacturer that realises that there is a market for restoration bits. I am not interested in the converted Mustang except to say that it is a tragedy that it was not restored into a working car. But I and my family are involved with old cars. Often it is very hard to get spares. If Ford market a complete range of spares it will be great for Ford Enthusiasts(including my son and daughter-both into Capri’s) all we need now is for other manufacturers to do the same. I can remember going into one dealer years ago and asking for bits for an old model produced by the manufacturer they represented and having the spares department rolling with laughter that I even thought that they would have bits for that model.


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