Free auction listings for casual sellers this weekend

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There’s yet another cheap listing weekend for private sellers this weekend.
they can list auctions with any start price for free.

This is rapidly becoming a regular promotion on eBay UK running almost every other weekend. As for the last few promotions business sellers and the use of professional selling tools is excluded as are relisted items – if you want to qualify you need to create your listings from scratch using the Sell Your Item form or the Quick Sell listing flow.

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  1. Why don’t eBay simply change their listing fee structure and have a flat rate listing fee of 10p (or some nominal ammount) for auction listings regardless of start price and for all sellers regardless of classification?

    And do away with all this free listing promotion stuff.

    And charge for relists so that sellers start auctions at sensible prices.

    This keeps it simple for sellers and its better for eBay as more stuff will sell.

  2. pictures are free you get one free and can upload loads if you like from other sites
    as for fvf`s who cares 10% is cheaper than 24% at my local auction house and i might get more views / cash for items ,

    but i think ebay are desperate listings are way down sales are way down therefore revenue is way down , only paypal holding ebay up otherwise i think it is doom and gloom at ebay towers

    lets cheer for mr downohow the great new leader of ebay who obviously knows nothing about auction sites or what sellers / buyers want

  3. auction houses are booming because every joe and his brother are buying anything that does not talk back to list on Ebay

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