Free listing weekend for private sellers – 8th-9th January

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There’s an on the 8th and 9th January. Unsurprisingly eBay are touting it as an opportunity to clear out “some Christmas gifts you don’t need or want”, but in truth it’s probably a better chance to shift the redundant electronics that you just got upgraded.

If you’ve got a new laptop, new mobile, new games console then use the free listing weekend to get rid of your old ones whilst the insertion fees are waived. Professional sellers are excluded from the promo, as are the use of any listing tools bar the sell your item form. Included are items listed in auction format, at any start price, in the majority of eBay categories.

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  1. Another FLD for private sellers with auctions. It’ll be every 2 weeks from now on. And this is for those same sellers and formats they’ve been getting rid of these last 2 years or so.

  2. Does anybody know why the FLD’s are not being offered to turbo lister users, as I totally miffed as to why they have got it in for us? It seems bad business sense to me!

  3. It would be much better to limit the number of listings to say 100(as they do on the US site) but allow the use of bulk listing tools, as many of the items listed at such times are in fact re lists.

    It’s a huge waste of thousands of private sellers time having to re list each one individually

  4. eBay are not giving much away. According to eBays software I’ve got plenty of people veiwing my listings but my sales have gone completely flat. If eBay give private sellers free listings and there items fail to sell thats going to make these private sellers come back for more, I think not.

  5. I have just asked ebay the same question as I posted earlier today why FLD’s are not available to turbo lister users and this is the response, please bear in mind the ebay values about its customers “we do understand that it may be frustrating sometimes when you
    want to list a lot of items using turbolister on the free listing days,
    but as the listing using the turbolister does not qualify for free
    listing, you are not able to avail the benefit of free listing day. The
    rule that the listings listed by the turbolister do not qualify for free
    listing is made to ensure the security of the members. Because when
    there is a free listing day, there may be a people who may take the
    advantage of turbolister tool and list lots of items just to get money
    from the buyers and not send them the item. If this happens, it will
    effect lot of members on eBay.
    Why is he talking about? Are we all dishonest people who do not send out the buyers items?


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