eBay Australia Spring 2011 Seller Update

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eBay Australia are the first this year to announce the next round of seller changes, although much of is what’s already in place for eBay UK and eBay.com.

From March, Best Match on eBay Australia will change from recent sales to popularity (which is measured as “Sales divided by Search Impressions”). At the same time a new tool will be rolled out allowing analysis of your listing’s performance based on Best Match data, including impressions and sell through rate data.

99c auctions will become permanently free for all Australian sellers who don’t have an eBay store subscription. Up to fifteen 99c listings per month will be free, with free gallery and flat rate final value fees of 7.9% (capped at a maximum of $49.95).

All sellers on eBay Australia will have to include a handling time and specify a returns policy (even if your returns policy is “No Returns” you’ll need to say so). Both handling time and returns policies have been mandatory in the UK for over a year.

For eBay Australia store owners there will be new media fees for fixed price listings. A flat rate of 5c insertion fee, free gallery and flat rate 9.9% final value fee will apply to all Books, Music, Movies and Games.

The final change is the retirement of the old Bulk Edit and Re-list flow from 8th March 2011.

There’s nothing particularly surprising in this seller release for Australia. Most of the updates are already live on other eBay sites and the only people likely to complain are media sellers who will see final value fees rise. However higher final value fees coupled with low insertion fees should for most sellers result in overall fee savings.

One Response

  1. Any information on when the other sites will make their announcements? Three years ago tomorrow, people were already rioting in the streets over eBay.com’s announced changes.


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