eBay.fr match classified categories to auctions

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eBay France have had what appears to be an astoundingly simple idea – to make the categories for classified ads the same as the categories for auctions and fixed price listings.

The current structure of the categories of Classifieds eBay is still available to buyers until April but for those listing new Classified ads (which are free) or if you modify an existing ad then you’ll be prompted to use the new category structure.

The aim of course is to enable buyers to find things more easily and to ensure optimum visibility ads on eBay.fr. I’m mildly surprised that the category structure for classifieds was ever different as it makes much more sense to have a single set of categories to maintain.

2 Responses

  1. Before we all get excited about eBay offering something for “free” (as I did when I read the story!) on eBay UK there is an “insertion fee” for a classified add which is sizable and catagories are restricted to the following. Are their any Tamebay visitors who actually deal in any of these catagories or who use classified adds:-

    Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles

    Boats and Watercraft

    Campers, caravans and motorhomes


    Classic cars

    Commercial vehicles

    Motorcycles and Scooters

    Other Vehicles

    Vehicle Parts & Accessories


    Car Accessories

    Car Manuals & Literature

    Car Parts

    Car Tuning & Styling

    Car Wheels, Tyres & Trims

    Cherished Numbers

    Classic Car Parts

    Garage Equipment & Tools

    In-Car Entertainment & GPS

    Motorcycle Clothing & Helmets

    Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

    Other Vehicle Parts & Accessories

    Business, Office & Industrial

    Farm Implements & Equipment

    Antique Tractors




    Modern Tractors

    Metalworking Equipment




    Home & Garden
    Residential Property

  2. Classifieds on eBay France are a very different thing to classifieds on eBay UK – largely because the marketplaces are so different.

    In France, there is already a very well-established network of “depots ventes” which allow anyone to sell their unwanted items, splitting the profits with the shops. And the internet hasn’t really superceded small ads in papers in the same way it has in the UK. The French free classified channel is an attempt by eBay to compete with this.

    What eBay.fr offers that none of these do, is speed of sale. French sellers are, as far as I can see, much more likely to use a free channel and wait for a buyer, than UK sellers are. That must be hurting eBay.

    I’d love to know what the thinking is behind this change, but my guess would be that eBay.fr are trying to more closely align the two parts of the site, so that the “upgrade” to the main site is easier to achieve.



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