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It’s been roughly seven years since two Canadian brothers set out to discover the patterns within ecommerce. Since then Terapeak has grown tremendously, but still manages to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that made it the success that it is today. Today Terapeak’s founders tell TameBay how selling on eBay to fund their college degrees led to founding an eBay Marketplace Research company

The Sukow brothers

Andrew and Anthony Sukow began selling on eBay to help cover the cost of textbooks and tuition while attending the University of Victoria. It wasn’t long before the two developed an interest in understanding the rhyme and reason of how to succeed on eBay.

“We truly felt that we were not alone in our desire for this insight” said Anthony. “And we believed that this was something that we were capable of delivering, given our respective educational backgrounds. Andrew was a student of Computer Science, and I was completing my degree in Economics.”

How Terapeak got started

But before they could seek answers they had to find legitimacy. “We are really thankful to the Victoria business community of professors and mentors, who helped establish and develop our idea into an organization capable of winning a partnership with the world’s largest marketplace.” In June of 2003 the Sukows got the windfall that would fan the flames of their idea, when eBay agreed to provide them with the transaction data to use in their tool – and the rest is history.

Terapeak today

“We now have a team of over 50 and so to go from having an idea in 2003 to helping hundreds of thousands of eBay users in 2011 is quite an achievement.” Said Anthony “It just shows that selling on eBay really can help you to live the lifestyle you want, and realise your dreams.”

Benefits of Terapeak

Terapeak’s main benefit is simple, it shows you how to make more money on eBay, by giving you access to past sales data. The information that you can access ranges from the best time of day to sell, the best category to list in, the best promotions to use, and much more.

  1. Discover your item’s eBay value
    Terapeak allows you to discover your item’s true eBay value, by providing the capability to search eBay’s “sold listings”, providing the highest, lowest, and average sold prices for any items, allowing you to make smarter pricing decisions.

  2. Learn from your competition
    Terapeak gives you comprehensive information about the techniques of successful top sellers, letting you tweak your own listings based on the success of your competition.

  3. Strategise to increase your selling potential
    Different buyers search eBay at different times, responding to different features – Terapeak shows you exactly which elements to include in each type of listing, along with the most successful techniques to use – allowing you to effectively strategise and giving you an edge on your competition.

  4. Sell more effectively within your niche
    Once you’ve chosen a niche, Terapeak gives you the data to sell more effectively within that targeted area, allowing you to better research your buyers, the competition, and upcoming trends within your chosen niche.

For more information on Terapeak, visit Terapeak’s Advantage package starts at £13.72 per month or £123.48 for the year.

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