Auto 5 stars for free P&P, but change it if you like

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WHen leaving feedback today I spotted something I’d not seen before – an auto-completed DSR score. Most eBay users will be familiar with the greyed out automatic five stars for Free P&P, but it appears that eBay have a half way house for when they think postage was free but can’t verify that it was.

Rather than being greyed out the five stars for P&P costs are automatically filled in, but there are instructions for the buyer that if postage wasn’t free then they are welcome to adjust the score to the level that they think fit.

11 Responses

  1. Seeing as I STILL get 1’s for p&p EVENTHOUGH it’s free and supposedly fixed auto 5*, I don’t doubt this will increase my share of 1’s for p&p “just because”
    Ebay can’t even get right (or acknowlege there is a problem with) the fixed 5* in the first place!

  2. The automatic 5* is for Paypal payment only. If not paid by Paypal then it is pre filled with the option to change.

  3. This implies that if postage isn’t free then it isn’t worthy of 5 stars…very wrong imo

  4. .
    Effectively ebay is selling 5* DSR ratings for P&P.

    All you have to do is pay fees on that too(by clicking on free P&P).

    Love this:

    Feedback comments:

    Items safely received, many thanks, pleasure doing business

    PLUS 4 1’s DSR…….Beat that!!

  5. Gerry007 is exactly right,it basically a bribe to get P & P,where do they come up with these ideas?

  6. If I bought an item with free P&P and the seller tried to charge me postage then I would cancel the order, not just give negative feedback.

    Obviously I am not talking about optional priority postage, but extra charges applied at the last minute.


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