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Hello guys, I am Daniel Williams, the Managing Director at Channelgrabber. It has been just under 9 months since we were introduced on Tamebay and Chris has asked me to do a follow up on Channelgrabber and how far it has come in the last 9 months. We started the system with 3 main areas; Inventory Management, Listing Management and Order Management and we have since added another area to the original 3. This additional area encompasses all current and future Modules (e.g. Amazon Repricer, Image Hosting).

So already we have added a new dimension to Channelgrabber, a dimension that has allowed us to specifically target the needs of various sellers. We hope to expand on the modules as we grow as a company and as the software matures. There are hundreds of ideas but for us it is important to target what our customers have requested.

Channelgrabber has now had hundreds of people using the software each with their own wants and needs. Channelgrabber has a very customer-centric approach and as such has organically grown in to what it is today. We very much favour current customers over prospective customers with our development driven by what will keep our current customers rather than what will get us more. Odd approach? Perhaps but we feel this has given us huge support from our customers, provided solid referrals and has also made Channelgrabber a useful and exceptional tool for small to medium sized businesses.

Back in April, we took a leap to progress Channelgrabber to version 2.0 which we have been building upon since. With version 2.0 we were able to add support for all the Amazon and eBay marketplaces in addition to our customer’s webstores. We can also now support Order Management and automatic stock synchronisation with PlayTrade (

Channelgrabber has 2 modules currently, 1 of these has yet to enter BETA and that is for image hosting. The other module we currently have is our Amazon Repricer which is currently being tested by a number of our customers. The Repricer module offers the flexibility to reprice your products at whatever time of the day you like either by choosing a specific price or percentage/decimal difference compared with your competitors. We feel a tool like this can play a very strong part in managing your Amazon sales.

We are also planning to help all Tamebay readers by releasing a series of articles on Multi-Channel ecommerce in the New Year to try and help people start 2012 with growth that can be carried through right up until the following Christmas. I look forward to helping hundreds more experience the benefit of Channelgrabber and I wish you all the best of luck during the Christmas season. If any of you are keen to give Channelgrabber a go and allow us to help you manage your Christmas period then do please get in contact with us.

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  1. Hi, I’m still interested in using Channel Grabber in the future as I have an EKMpowershop and I can use your software to tie up my website, eBay and Amazon. But unfortunately my sales are really suffering in the current downturn and I’m unable to use your software at present.

    EKM have just expanded into Spain so maybe you should follow suit and offer your EKM, eBay and Amazon package to Spainish users too. This info has just been added to EKMs blog.

  2. Click on “News” on channelgrabber main page:

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    Resources to service this request are not available.

    This message is sent by Blue Coat PacketShaper.

    Not a great advertisement for you chaps!

  3. Hey guys,

    Warren, I am sorry things aren’t going as well as you would hope. I do hope things get better for you in the future.

    Maciej, a 503 service error is when you cannot access a page temporarily and can be for a number of reasons. I can assure you the site is running smoothly.

    Kind regards,




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