Free listing on eBay UK 3rd – 4th September

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This weekend private sellers can list up to 100 auctions at any start price greater than £1 for free on eBay UK. There are some of the normal restrictions – you have to use the Sell Your Item form or the eBay iPhone App to list your auctions and aren’t allowed to use professional listing tools such as TurboLister. The promotion runs for the 3rd and 4th September.

You also need to have your account in good standing and not be a below standard seller. Full are on eBay.

9 Responses

  1. Who cares.
    Sell on Amazon is always free to list you get better prices than ebay and you can list with listing software.
    I dont think folks are interested in ebay free listing days anymore, as theres a lot of good competition especially for selling media

  2. “The more listings the more sales”

    Free listing days offer private sellers the opportunity to list items at unrealistic start prices. Many do resulting in a high proportion of unsold items.

    Regardless of how many items are offered up for sale there are only so many buyers. More items does not necessarily mean more sales/fees for eBay.

    The only real outcome for sellers is that the jam is spread more thinly. Lower sale prices result in lower final value fees with the result that all eBay achieve for eBay is playing at busy fools!

  3. Once SME sellers start to leave eBay to sell on Amazon or their own web sites I suspect that restrictions will go and business sellers will be invited to list for Free or with a significant discount. The problem is however once the rot sets in it will spread and eBay will no longer appeal to buyers or sellers.

    Quite simple eBay today has more restrictions, hoops to jump through and instability with less profit than this time last year.

    Is it any wonder that they keep offering free listing days?

    If listing products either by private or business sellers was easy, safe and produced a profit there would be no need to offer free listing days.


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