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Royal Mail would like feedback from people who have recently had contact with their sales and account team. They say that your feedback is very important and is key to helping Royal Mail better meet its customers’ needs. If you would like to help by providing your feedback through a survey then it should take you no longer than five minutes to complete.

Opinion Leader have been commissioned by Royal Mail to run the survey which will be available until Thursday 06 October.

No comments will be attributed to you personally or to your organisation without your express permission so feel free to be honest. However if you have any opinions of Royal Mail that you’d like to share more widely feel free to use the comments box below.

Edited to addSurvey link removed as it’s expired

37 Responses

  1. Oh Chris, dont tempt me, that wud be the longest reply u wud get, I cud spend all day telling you about RM and their how shud we say this “intresting service”


  2. I clicked on to complete the survey only to be told that I had already completed the survey – This is News to me. Over the years I have completed several surveys on all sorts of issues and subjects but to my certain knowledge I have not completed this one on the Royal Mail. So I wonder if anybody else has had the same result. In which case possibly to exclude those with very strong opinions on Royal Mail they are going to exclude everybody. In which case why do the survey?

  3. We just cancelled collections as Royal Mail decided that they wanted about £680.00 a year for offering us that priviledge.

    Obviously larger companies get the service for free, so it is small companies that once again get pushed out of services.

    If there was a viable alternative we would use them in an instant.

  4. paypal, ebay, royal mail, governments etc often come out better than they should in a survey not because their faultless, but because there is nothing better available

  5. I would like to know why ebay sellers are treated differently than other users.

    If i pay for a service it should not matter if its an ebay item or a normal item that gets lost.

    They have not supplied the service i paid for and should not take longer or try and refuse compensation because it was sold on ebay.

  6. I would always recommend to fill them in, The message sometimes get through, I filled one out a few yrs ago with ebay, and I was very honest, a week or so later got a call from ebay, our account manager about what I had said in the survey.

    I think someone must of took notice of what was said, as after our service from our account manager improved tons.

    Well worth filling out surveys

  7. RM IS REALLY BAD, even if i ebay customer, even if i sended special recorded delivery – and item lost, they can;t help,… and i loosing money and its much its 277£ i am trying and tryng, it months past now, they just replying sorry contact someone else,… i am tired of that… 🙁

  8. in fact Royal mail admit to over a million items a year being lost for one reason or another


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