100 Free auctions for private sellers this weekend

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Another free listing weekend for private sellers. For this weekend Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th private sellers can list auctions for free on eBay UK.

There’s a limit of 100 free auctions with a start price of £1 or more and of course private sellers can already list 100 items a month with a start price up to 99p.

The now familiar rules apply – no professional listing tools, use the Sell Your Item form or the iphone, ipad or Android mobile phone apps to list your items.

are on eBay to get set to tomorrow.

22 Responses

  1. Put 15 of my regular sellers up last free listing day. None sold, even though during the same period they sold regularly via the other sites we use.
    Plus the click to relist feature is not working, if you use that they charge you again so it means having to manually list them individually.
    Don’t think I’ll bother this time around.
    Our graphs we keep clearly show that as the other sites are getting more sales, ebay is getting less and less all the time. We’re rapidly reaching the point when it’s not worth the effort and stress there any more.

  2. I think people are no longer interested in ebays free listing weekends evrey couple of weeks.
    The last two times i used it i sold nothing so i shall not be wasting my time listing anymore as i might as well use ebid for what sales i get on ebay these days.

  3. It may work for you Steve P but it didn’t for me last time I tried about a month ago. Was charged as shown so not going to risk it again. No point in throwing good money at them when nothing is selling any more there.
    I’ll stick with the other sites, at least stuff is selling there so don’t mind paying FVF’s to them.

  4. It’s in eBay’s best interests becuase certain classes of seller are high maintenance and high cost for eBay.

    ebay want rid but can’t say as much publically so use subvertive methods to achieve the same end.

  5. we dont believe ebay is cynical
    we think it simply does what is profitable for its business

  6. I am convinced that ebays days of glory are long gone and will never come back. At the start I and most other sellers followed ebays rules and regulations (jumping through hoops) because we didn’t really understand the market and ebay was the only player in town. No longer – opening your own website is a easy as ABC and the profits that used to be there are no longer.


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