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It’s Thursday just before “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” which, although they’re are American terms, are the start of the busiest shopping period in the run up to Christmas. That being the case it’s time to start Christmas shopping so I couldn’t wait to log on to see what cracking eBay have today.

Sadly it’s a bit of a disappointment to say the least. I’m looking at “Gifts for Him” (What I really want is “gifts for me” ;-)) but all I’m seeing is a load of high street clothing with a couple of watches thrown in for good measure. This isn’t what I want to buy, this is same old same old.

Why haven’t eBay got any proper “gifts” at this time of the year? Is it because they’re concentrating the Daily and Weekly deals from the same old list of Outlet retailers? Should they be looking to independent smaller sellers to get some gift ideas? Are there no great products available on eBay? Or am I just a bit of a kid and every other man in the country just can’t wait for his Christmas surprise to be a new hoodie?

Just to check it’s eBay getting it wrong, and not me being mad, I popped over to NotOnTheHighStreet.com to see what they had to offer. Wow! What a difference. NotOnTheHighStreet have enough present and gift ideas to keep my brother (and me!) happy for years. Ok, there’s a few items of clothing, but it’s personalised clothing. In the main though it’s blokey gift ideas which is what I am after. I especially like the look of the “Beer of the Month” collection which might be priced a bit higher than you’d pay for a bottle in a pub, but I bet I’d forget about the cost as soon as I’d had a couple to drink.

Why can’t eBay get the Daily and Weekly deals right though? Why are there no inspirational and aspirational gifts ideas to tempt me? Why are most of the products just straight from the high street and in reality they’re not even gift ideas?

Come on eBay – realistically you’ve got three more Thursdays in December to tempt me and tease my cash out of my PayPal account with some real “Gifts for Him”. Take a look at NotOnTheHighStreet and then go and find some eBay sellers with some real gifts. Make the next three sets of Weekly Deals something to shout about and get people spending.

I want to spend my money. So does everyone else in the country. Give me some gift ideas and help liberate those funds from my PayPal account. Of course I might be being a little unfair on eBay – NotOnTheHighStreet specialise in the unusual, the cute and the unique, but don’t eBay offer the same? Let’s all help eBay out. If you’re a seller with a product that would make a great gift add the eBay item number in comments below and give our other readers some real gift ideas. It might get you some sales and you never know, eBay might notice there are some great gift ideas they could use for Weekly Deals.

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  1. Nothing on ebay makes me more frustrated than the deals program. I have got a long list of rejection for stupid reasons.

    They have finally admitted that weekly deals are reserved for outlets. They have one watch seller who gets all the deals. They are not an outlet but have been designated an ‘outlet seller’. The watch deals are rubbish but they have got no competition.

    Hoodie after hoodie after hoodie with the odd pair of rocket boots, superdry items or ed something or other. Crap!

  2. I have finally bought from Not on the High Street, received a catalogue from them and found some great stuff, went online and the catalogue was on there and you just clicked to order, simple!

    Some cool, unusual stuff but I would say delivery is a bit rubbish from some sellers, ordered at the same time, one item arrived within in 2 days the other took three weeks! I would say that needs improving on there!

  3. daily deals are now invite/outlet only

    No riff raff allowed.

    Even if you have 1000 units…mind you the outlets don’t seem to have that.

  4. well if you want really good deals check out some of the independant boutique websites – I sell items on ebay and notonthehighstreet and you can always find my garden gifts cheaper on my own website


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