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I always knew that Thatcham was a pretty hip and cool internet town, after all it’s where the offices of TameBay are based so it’s pretty much up there with eBay and San Jose I’d guess? Well maybe not quite, but Thatcham is officially the seventh fastest growing Internet town in the UK, winning an award from Google in the process.

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Mind you we need all the help that we can get – Check out the van belonging to the local Thatcham butcher. I mean they know they want to be online, they’ve tried hard and allowed a designer to include their website URL in the artwork. Doesn’t quite cut the mustard though and honestly, you’d have thought someone would have realised before the sign writer got busy.

Someone in Thatcham must be getting the hang of the Internet though, Thatcham being number 7 on the list of burgeoning eTowns is a pretty good achievement. Google shortlisted the 700 UK towns with the highest online economic activity, and then ranked them in terms of the percentage increase in local small and medium sized enterprises using AdWords over the last year.

If you don’t already use Adwords then the Get British Business Online campaign have a £50 Google Adwords discount voucher to get you started. Make sure you get a website address first though.

(P.S. I’ve been wanting to use that image for years and never found an excuse before, and no they still don’t appear to have a website)

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  1. Years ago I had a colleague who lived in Thatcham. I used to call round on occassions as he wholesaled many of the same books that I did at the time. If I ran short on the road I could drop round and pick some up from his store(it was a lot closer than going back to Cornwall to get some from my store). Then he gave up books and moved … to Cornwall where he is now a School Teacher. So perhaps Cornwall is more attractive than Thatcham(although possibly not as far as the internet is concerned)


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