Lifetime sales and seller protection on dashboard

There are a couple of new features on the Seller Dashboard that don’t appear on eBay UK. All you need do to access them is log into with your UK credentials and then navigate to the Seller Dashboard.

Your Lifetime Transactions

You can now view your total lifetime sales for your eBay account – both as a monetary value and the number of transactions. You’ll also see the date of your first eBay sale displayed. You can also choose to split the transactions by “Global”, “United States”, “United Kingdom”, or “Germany”. Generally for the UK or Global (if you’re registered on eBay UK then you’ll see your total sales in pounds sterling. If you select US sales then values will be in dollars or Euros for Germany.

Seller protection actions

The second feature available in the Seller Dashboard when viewed on is actions that eBay have taken to protect your account. These include the number of feedbacks buyers left for you that eBay have removed, the number of opened buyer protection cases that eBay have removed and no longer count against your seller standing, and the number of times an unpaid item credit has been applied to your account.

We don’t know if either of these features will be rolled out to the eBay UK Seller Dashboard, but it doesn’t really matter – you can access them simply by logging in to

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I've actually had this dashboard since August. Probably part of a random test group. I guess this explains why everyone looked confused when I would talk about it.

ebuyerfb • 22nd January 2012 •

0nly goes back to 2001 but wont H.M.R.C just love this feature

St Georges Dragon • 22nd January 2012 •

and the next time some snot nosed patronising know nowt at ebay support tries to tell us how and why ,I am going to stick our 7 digits long lifetime global sales thing right in their mush

St Georges Dragon • 22nd January 2012 •

Great Find, lets hope they implement this on the UK Site as well as the Auto 5* for Postal times & charges Our Global transactions figure doesn't match the current sales number & is approx 5,000 out

Toby • 22nd January 2012 •

Ours to, transaction level was short by 1000. Meaning it's all fairly pointless.

whirly • 22nd January 2012 •

Mine is wrong on first sale and total. Not like eBay, to provide incorrect information to sellers!

alterego • 22nd January 2012 •

Well I have kept records of my ebay sales since day 1 (back in 2002) and my total is about £4000 higher than the one shows me for my lifetime, so I don't reckon its very accurate.

Tony • 23rd January 2012 •

Interesting... I suspect the reason sales don't match eBay's figures is that they don't include postage charges, mine were pretty accurate if this was factored in.

Mike • 23rd January 2012 •

Hopelessly inaccurate. Apparently, according to Ebay's calculations my first sale was in August 2002 when in fact I began selling in 1999. Ironically the figures from my most active trading period (1999 - 2003) are (almost) totally ignored. Since early 2004 I've just been a 'hobby seller' so figures really only have a curiousity value.

Steve • 23rd January 2012 •

Glad to see this data available, however is way out, which is a shame. I am sure eBay will sort it, they usually do (have faith :)

John • 23rd January 2012 •

As an ex-Accountant in Industry I have a suggestion for why there are discrepancies in the Value of Sales. UK Sellers will record their sales in £ sterling. will register these in $ at the exchange rate at the time. The running total will be kept by in $ then when you ask for your total it will convert at the exchange rate at the time of your request. So there will be a discrepancy. However while the currency fluctuations may account for the monetary differances it will not account for differancies in the numbers of sales. However I wonder if there is a simple reason for this. If you sell multiple items do you record it as one sale or however many items that are on the invoice and similarly how does register it? So if you sell 4 items to a customer and you record it as 4 and registers it as 1 transaction could that account for the discrepancies in numbers?

Chris • 23rd January 2012 •

"These include the number of feedbacks buyers left for you that eBay have removed, the number of opened buyer protection cases that eBay have removed and no longer count against your seller standing" I'm interested in this statement. Can you contact ebay to remove buyer protection cases that shouldn't have been opened? I have countless cases that are opened against me for selling individual parts of items (like video game cases) to foreign buyers. I make it crystal clear in the listing title and description that the person buying just the box (put BOX ONLY and NO GAME INCLUDED in capitals in the title and make 4 references to the item only being a box in the description [which only contains 4 lines of text by the way]) but still many people feel that they have been cheated and open a dispute (without contacting me).

Scott • 25th January 2012 •

I think this is a good edition to the seller dashboard. To be honest these statistics have been available in a similar format on Goofbay for sometime. eBay often gives 3rd parties info but much of it is still available in the ebay data system somewhere. Terapeak - eBay pulse This and GOOFBAY. Its only a matter of time now before eBay add a customer service response rate back into back of the my eBay system. This tool already exists in AMAZON.

Brian Ebethinking • 25th January 2012 •

It goes back 10 years most likely so the IRS can see what sellers who sell on ebay have claimed the past 10 years as Gross sales, IRS goes back 10 years sometimes, I think this is what this is for. I mean to see if people evaded taxes, that is why it shows 10 years I believe rather than 11,12,13,14,15 years ago Tool for IRS if they need to check out someone, I am thinking

Big Bob • 25th January 2012 •

Of course it could be that they only have 10 years on file. Previous to that either was not kept in such detail or has been dumped for some reason. It is the norm that Tax Authorities require Companies to keep records for so many years(I do not know the length of time around the world but I would guess that it ranges from about 7 - 10 years). But for reference purposes most companies probably would keep up to about 7 - 10 years even if it was not a legal requirement. As a funny story in about 1970 I was told to obtain figures from the archives going back to the end of World War II. I found most years but there were a number of gaps. When I told my boss at the time(a prize fully qualified idiot) he told me to guess the missing figures(in other words any decisions made on the basis of my figures(including the actual ones that I had found) would have little or no validity. But at least I had managed to find most years including some in the 1940's and early 50's. I wonder if almost any company today it would be possible to find any archives(except personel and pension-where the legal requirements are much longer). After all most companies are so desperate to maximise the usage of their floorspace that archives are regulatrly culled.

Chris • 26th January 2012 •