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Cross border trade is one of the hottest topics around at the moment, and simply by adding international shipping options to your English language listing is enough to get customers from overseas buying from you.

Now however a new service offered through the App Centre aims to translate your listings within an hour so that you can easily list on eBay International site in potential buyers own language. You can also access the app at

“” from 3DSellers, offers a choice of machine translation or human translation making it simple to list items with titles and descriptions translated on eBay’s various international and multi-language sites. Simply sign up for the app on eBay and you’ll only pay for the listings you have translated.

Costs are $0.10 per listing for machine translation or $0.085 per word for human translation and with 10,000 translators networked around the world you can expect into the language of your choice within an hour.

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  1. Surely offers ‘machine translation’ for $0.00c per word, sentence, paragraph, entire web site…


  2. I used WebInterpret for around 40 GTC items this time last year.

    Their translation service was good and was free for the first month.

    I sold quite a lot of stuff but for me the problems that I incurred were that about 30% of everything that I sold abroad was somehow ‘lost in the post’. Even when I sent some stuff out again to the same buyers they still said that they did not receive the item, in one case three times, so I had to refund them all, and I deleted all the foreign language listings.

    When I cancelled the service, they bombarded me with emails for around three months, so I added them to my spam filter.

  3. all very well translating the listing though what happens with after sales communication, or when things go wrong ? its not much good selling an item, then not being able to communicate with the buyer



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