50,000 free auction listings with BIN on eBay.com

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If you’re an eBay.com seller and don’t have an eBay store subscription than you’re going to be busy tomorrow – Tuesday 7th February 2012.

eBay have just announced 50,000 free auction listings per seller and the Buy It Now option can be added to these listings for free. Yes that wasn’t a typo, you can list up to fifty thousand auction style listings with Buy It Now with no insertion fees to pay.

Far be it from me to suggest this as a good idea, but it’s pretty likely that if you have an eBay.com store subscription that you’ll take advantage of this offer by listing on one of your other eBay accounts.

There are a few restrictions so check the for full details.

11 Responses

  1. Why are Ebay doing this?

    Are they finding their auction listing numbers are down and trying to inflate them through this free listing?

    They really seem to be pushing auction listings through their promos recently.

    I suspect, all those small sellers that are suffering on Ebay, are no longer listing fresh auctions.

    Just like us…

    And Ebay are starting to feel the pinch of their neglect of the small sellers in favour of the big sellers who probably have no interest in the auction format.

    This really does seem an odd promotion to me…

    After all, who has 50,000 items kicking around to list today?

    No one.

    So the purpose of this is to get listings out of BIN into the auction format.

    50,000 of them though?

    Who is that geared towards?

  2. It is an impossible promotion. Who can handle 50000 auctions?

    Could Walmart for example?

    You have got all the admin for the 10 day period with questions and then you have got to sort out all the combined sales at the end and more. It is a business nightmare scenario even for the outlets. It will hurt feedback and DSR’s but of course outlets (and ebay?) are not too bothered about this.

    Outlets will already be getting free store listings so for them it is a pointless promotion.

    The only thing I can think of is that you are allowed 15 duplicate listings in the auction format and so this allows sellers to trial 1000’s of duplicate listings for a short period to see if this works

    But then you have the search implications on the back of all those listings that don’t result in a sale. Unless of course ebay have announced a amnesty on this?

    But then of course the outlets have a permanent amnesty.

    It is a headline grabber and no more than that.

  3. Hi feeling very dim but I have a shop on eBay uk
    Can I list free on eBay US?
    I’m a reg biz seller?
    Sorry for my dimness

  4. Over the months we have a Free Listing Weekend(for 100 items) about every 2 weeks. Yet last weekend was 2 weeks since the last one and no FLW. Yet ebay has come up with this 50,000 items promotion. When I first read it I tried to visualise putting 50,000 items on. Even starting at 1 minute past 12 and working solidly(without meal or comfort breaks) until the end of the promotion I could not imagine anybody being able to list/relist 50,000 items.

    The other alternative is ebay knows that nobody will be able to list(its just about possible that if you had enough in Unsold that you could significantly boost your numbers but not to 50,000) about 1,000 items.

    So ebay must know that 50,000 is impossible but they know that a 1,000 listing would not catch the eye as much.

  5. Why don’t ebay UK announce 100,000 free listings on the same basis?

    Or 1,000,000 free listings?

    As you say it is an absolutely impossible target but it does catch the eye and may get eBay UK some free publicity.

    Are there any retailers out there who have an inventory that large?

    I suppose they could upload their data and stock images to turbolister and list that way but how long would it take to batch list?

    I can upload to ebay around 30 items in 1 minute which is around 1800 items per hour. So even in 24 hours you would struggle to upload 50,000 items to the ebay server from 1 PC. So you would have to upload from multiple PC’s

    And what would be the effect of all this traffic on ebay’s servers. It could crash the site!

    Another thought. Could we see Amazon selling on ebay? 🙂

  6. Turbo Lister could never handle 50,000 listings anyway… I’ve just had to delete 6 months worth of activity log as the software couldn’t cope with it…


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