Buyer email marketing based on eBay TV Advert

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eBay are making the most of their new UK TV advert with the latest email marketing going out to buyers highlighting the advert and the four main categories the ad promotes.

They’ve done some good work capturing stills in the various rooms that the ad passes through and as well as previously showing the advert in Germany are reusing the material as much as possible. This looks like a carefully prepared and thought out campaign as well it should as the production cost for the sets and filming can’t have been that cheap.

The only bit of poor planing I’ve yet to see around the advert is the lack of a landing page for Home & Garden. Fashion and Electonics have great landing pages as does eBay Motors, but the Home & Garden image (as per above) simply links to the Home & Garden category directory, which is a shame.

If you’ve not seen the advert yet you can see it on Tamebay or just watch a bit of TV and sooner or later it’s bound to crop up on your telly.

3 Responses

  1. I love insights like these that highlight how even bigger brands like eBay maximise their content – valuable skill to learn for SME marketers.

    They also have an option for users to watch the TV advert on site.

  2. Aha, so now the reason for the upcoming 12% increase in the End of Listing fees (10% off DSR discount, 2% increase in computing End of listing fee) begins to be justified.

  3. The technology catagory fee increase is 87% not 12%.

    (5%/3% x 0.9/0.8 if your TRS discount is currently 20%)


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