100 free Buy it Now listings for Private Sellers

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This weekend, 26th-27th May, private sellers can list up to 100 fixed price listings on eBay UK for free. The listings must be listed Fixed Price (not auction with buy it now added as a feature) and with a price of £0.99 or more (superfluous, have you tried listing a Buy It Now with a price less than 99p ;-)).

As per all eBay’s recent UK listing promotions items will only be eligible for this promotion if they are listed with the Advanced Sell (Sell Your Item) form or the eBay iPhone, eBay iPad, eBay Android, eBay Blackberry and eBay Windows Phone applications. The one slight difference is that you won’t be able to use the Quick Sell form this time around as it doesn’t support the But It Now option. TurboLister and SMP remain banned for the promotion.

You’ll also need to meet eBay’s minimum performance standards to be included in the promotion. Full details on the eBay page.

13 Responses

  1. How pointless a free listing weekend will this be!

    Due to best match a private seller, like me, who sells one-off items will never be found in search results. At least with an auction I had a chance of getting to page 1.

  2. Also fairly pointless is the ammount of the eBay giveaway.

    BIN items cost a standard 20p or 40p to list depending on which catagories you are listing in.

    Compare this with auctions where listing fees for items £15 and over range from £0.50 to £1.30.

  3. Regularly I take advantage of the Free Listing Weekends. I list my 100 items. However ebay has stopped me listing this time.


    Well for the last few weeks I have been under attack by a particularly objectionable “customer”. Initially because of circumstances I had to ask the manufacturer to send out the product because I am currently in the middle of a major re-organisation. This caused problems. So I asked for the order to be sent out direct(I have worked with this manufacturer for many years in various functions).

    The goods have been received by the customer but he is continuing his campaignj against me. There have been negative feedbacks(often the complaint is shall we say fictional). There are cases against me(he is still continuing them AFTER he has the goods).

    ebay has decided to ignore all of my positive Feedback(I have a high proportion of customers leave Feedback and a very high proportion of these are not just positive but glowing and very complimentary). Yet it is only the one customer who is running the campaign against me that ebay is taking notice off. I have called for ebay to investigate but to date nothing has been done.

    It is so frustrating to be under attack and have ebay combine with the attacker to maximise the harm. Has anybody a similar experience and what did you do to sort it out.

  4. I wonder why they decided to make it Buy It Now free listings instead of the usual auction style?


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