First call for the 2013 Tamebay eBay & Ecommerce Guide

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In the next few weeks, Chris and I will be starting the intensive process of compiling the 3rd annual eBay & Ecommerce guide. If you need reminding, you can get a feel for what we’re on about by getting your hands on the 2012 guide. And we need your help:

Who should be featured in this comprehensive directory of tools and services available to ecommerce businesses? Who have we missed out? Please do send us tip-offs.

Would you like your business to be featured in the Tamebay eBay & Ecommerce Guide 2013? (If so, let us know.)

What would you like to see in this third edition of the Guide to make it even more handy and a truly ‘must download’ document?

The 2011 and 2012 Guides proved to be immensely popular. (In 2011, such was the demand that we suffered a server meltdown at one point, but that’s all fixed now.) There will be some changes in the 2013 guide. Firstly, we’ll be publishing the guide as a website, as well as a downloadable document. We’ll also be amending the layout to better reflect ecommerce trends in 2013.

We don’t want anyone miss out and we know that the Tamebay readership and community is a discerning and knowledgeable bunch, always alert to new tools and innovations. That’s why we’re asking for your input and ideas. And please do spread the word.

To get in touch. Either leave a comment, use the contact form above or email us. Just add either chris or dan in front of and the emails should find us.

5 Responses

  1. Great news – I look forward to seeing the next version. I have V1 and V2 – can you sign them Chris, and I will flog them for charity 🙂



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