eBay encourage mobile app usage with £5 voucher

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eBay are sprinkling £5.00 discount vouchers about, to encourage you to purchase on your mobile phone. I’d better say up front, don’t rush out to try it unless you got the email though as they’re only valid for targeted eBay UK users. If the code works for you then you’ll have the email.

I do find this interesting though, I buy a fair amount on eBay (the laptop I’m writing this on for starters). However I never buy using the eBay mobile app…. well almost never. If you’d asked me a few years back, whilst my Tamebay colleagues were happily shopping on mobiles, I liked to use a decent sized screen for buying.

These days I do use the mobile app a little, I bought a couple of DS games for my neighbour last week on the mobile app and I’ve probably used it for some other odds and ends and that’s just the point. eBay want to encourage buyers to be agnostic about the device they use. If they can convince me to buy using a mobile app then the chances are I’ll carry on buying as part of a conversation. (This one was a “You know that game I like, are there any new ones out”, it was easier to check on eBay than search the web and then the purchase was only two clicks away from completion…).

The Internet is just too easy to access nowadays, and eBay want to be part of it. They’re slowly reeling me in with the ease of their mobile apps and whilst I’ll still use a laptop for browsing if I know what I want eBay’s mobile apps are just too convenient and easy to not make impulse purchases.

Did you get the voucher? I got mine on an account I don’t routinely purchase on, not the account I routinely buy from.

5 Responses

  1. Is it definitely targeted accounts only? I’ve passed it on to several friends and it’s worked for all of them.

  2. This could have been due to the low usage of eBay’s mobile app. I’m suspecting that not all buyers still use the app due to fears on their accounts’ security or maybe even their purchases. I’m way confident of using eBay in my computer but not on my phone. But, that’s just my two cents.



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