eBay Australia announces fee changes

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again, which will benefit some sellers and cost others more.

Private sellers will see the number of free listings each month rise from 30 to 40 free listings a month. The kicker is that final value fees will rise to 9.9% (Previously 7.9%). Insertion fees over the free allowance will be $1.50 each (and for items with a start price over $100 will be $3.50 each).

eBay Australia are also adjusting store prices and benefits. Unlike most of the world where eBay stores access lower listing fees, in eBay Australia the level of eBay store subscription also impacts the final value fee that you’ll be paying, typically 8% for a basic store, 7% for a featured store and 6% if you’re an anchor store subscriber (Although there are also some category specific fees.)

If you sell on eBay Australia the is available on the site to view. The new price schedule will come into effect on the 1st May 2013.

One Response

  1. I wouldn’t mind a final value fee cap, if you’re listening in Richmond.


    P.S I wouldn’t mind product bundles either, please hurry up.


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