New eBay Feed comes to the UK (Trial)

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Great news for buyers on eBay UK… starting this week for a selected number of buyers on the UK site.

If you find that the eBay UK home page looks markedly different to normal then you’ll know you’re in the test group. You’ll see a bunch of suggestions with a feed set up by eBay, but as soon as you start picking your own interests, you’ll get your own custom Feed based on the things you like.

I’m a big fan of The Feed and as a frequent eBay buyer am looking to setting it up as soon as I’m in the test group. Let us know what your thoughts are if you’re one of the first to get access.

5 Responses

  1. Sorry Chris but I won’t be a fan of this at all. I want to do my own searching and browsing, I’ve never clicked an ad (rarely see any) and won’t be starting anytime soon and I certainly won’t be clicking on any ebay suggestions.

  2. I click on listings to see how the competition are doing. That does not mean I am a buyer on ebay of that type of product.

    So the feed is going to feed me stuff I am not going to buy. And it is going to feed my stuff to competitors who do the same type of browsing as me.

    Good isn’t it?

    Unless of course the feed is based purely on buying habits, and not browsing habits, which I doubt very much!

  3. over the past two weeks many uk sellers have complained about a massive drop in sales, potentially due to this tinkering with the site /implementation of Cassini?
    It’s been a shocking second half of the month in general and even my Hong Kong supplier says april sales down 40%



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