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TRS Listings PreviewLast week eBay introduced a new tab to the seller dashboard with a preview to show details of your current listings and whether they meet the new eBay Top Rated seller requirements.

eBay say that it will help you to understand how your listings are currently performing against the new requirements and which listings you’ll need to change so you can continue to receive the related benefits of the eBay Top-rated seller badge, final value fee discount and better visibility in search results.

There are some problems though whilst it shows the listings which comply with new rules the bad news is it doesn’t easily show you which ones don’t comply and they’re the ones that need attention.

Even worse is that the information could possibly be totally wrong, either that or there’s a hole in eBay’s new Top Rated Listings programming. If you list items with “Freight” as the postage option and specify the carriage charges in the description eBay appear to recognise this as “Free” and currently say that they’re qualifying for the new Top Rated Seller listing discount. We don’t know if that’s right, wrong, intentional or simply an interesting undocumented feature of the Top Rated Seller listing discount program.

We were also hoping that eBay would come up with a useful tool to show which of your listings are too small to meet eBay’s new image requirements but it looks like we’ll have to make do with the excellent third party tool from ISDN*tek for this.

Do you find the preview helpful? Do the numbers add up for the number of listings that you expected or have you found any other errors which make the numbers suspect?

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  1. Hi Chris

    Are the new picture standards being enforced from August? I thought they came into action during the “Autumn”?

  2. Quite a useless metric unless you can identify those at fault. Largely what I’d expect except express postage, where as others have observed, it must be taking 1st class as express.

    It alwasy seems to me that whoever designs these things at ebay makes a number of errors which are fundamental and wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else in a professional organisation :

    1. Make sure it is right before you release it. Too often it seems whoever has made the change has not established correctly the requirements to be effective, has minimal business experience and hasn’t worked through the detail with genuine users before releasing
    2. Test run and correct before release

  3. I sell large bulky items by auction so free p+p is not an option for me.

    I have tried changing one of my listings to freight, to see if my tab changes to show me ok for TRS (all other requirements met). My tab is showing 2 days old so time will tell.

    Just used the tool from ISDN*tek – its great. All my pics now ok.

    I am wondering how on earth Ebay can detect writing across pictures though!



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