Free auction listings on eBay UK this weekend

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Here we go again. It’s another weekend of free auction listings on eBay UK for invited private sellers. If you are part of the invited cohort, you can list up to 100 auctions as long as they start at more than a quid.

If you haven’t seen an email in your inbox or eBay my messages and want your share of the action, the smart bet is to have a go. Sellers have reported they are eligible for the freebies despite having not received an invites.

Full terms and details of the promo can be found on this page.

7 Responses

  1. With a twist:

    ‘ …. Only items listed on using the auction-style or fixed price format ……. Listings using the auction-style with Buy it now format will be charged only the listing upgrade fee. …. ‘

    To qualify as free each listing is either/or – not just auctions!

  2. So just to recap- 4-5 free listing weekends in a row, with 3 free automatic relists for some private sellers.

  3. Further to my earlier postings about this Free Listing Weekend(under a different heading) and my complaints about Photos. I have just about got to the end of relisting 100 items(or should I say the ones where ebay is happy with the photos). I checked my listings. Remember EVERY SINGLE ITEM HAD A PHOTO NOT ALL ACCEPTABLE TO EBAY BUT EVERY ONE HAD A PHOTO). I checked my listings to find that 2 x items have had the photos wiped by ebay. These were photos from the ebay Book Catalogue. So I checked back to the ebay Book Catalogue and the photo has gone yet it was there previously.

    ebay has accepted my relisting without a photo( I did not notice one until the end. The other I thought was a problem so reviewed it after listing to find that the photo that was there previously had now been wiped. But ebay has allowed it to be relisted without a photo.

    Yet I have several, far too many, where ebay has blocked the relisting even though there was a photo even if ebay did not like it.

    So please when you have relisted this time just check your listings to see if all the photos that you thought were there actually are.

  4. Ebay may have stats that conclude that private sellers don’t list if they have to pay a listing fee. Business sellers have to list regardless. If you were ebay what would you do?

    The issue for ebay is that private sellers are unrealistic with their start prices on the first listing so most first listing items probably don’t sell first time round. So ebay solve this by allowing free relists and private sellers can then start at lower prices second and third time around and eventually items do sell so ebay do eventually receive FVF.


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