Is it worth selling on Bonanza?

A marketplace that has been on Tamebay’s radar for some time is Bonanza. It’s very much an eBay reflection and is favoured by eBay critics seeking a new place to sell. But is it worth using? It would be interesting to hear from any UK and European (and even US) sellers in comments who have had success on Bonanza. They say that in 2016 Bonanza had 20 million items listed from about 50k sellers.

There are several neat features that make it very attractive. Firstly, you can import your eBay and Amazon listings (and indeed other listings using a CSV) to get your inventory up and available swiftly. There are no listing fees (although subscribing to perks can mean that you get more profile and sales) and sales commissions are lower than eBay and Amazon. You can also take payments via both PayPal and Amazon payments as well.

But all that said, does it have the profile required to make decent sales? Certainly here in the UK it’s not even a peripheral name in the marketplace world. But stateside there is some evidence that shoppers know the name. But is it worth taking a punt? That’s hard to say. It will depend very much on what you sell and how competent you are at shipping to the US. In the UK there are probably marketplaces you should be considering first, for the time being.

For more information about Bonanza and how it can help you, there’s a useful start-up guide here. And, in particular, you might be interested in this fee comparison table that they have produced. (Of course the eBay fees here don’t include Paypal fees.)

Have you had a good experience on Bonanza?

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I have had pretty good success on Bonanza - just under 500 orders in the past year. For a market place that requires very little effort to start selling on, definitely worth the couple of hours I have spent on it! As noted, you can just import your current eBay or Amazon listings, and sit back and wait for the sales. Very few messages from customers, return requests, or any other hassle - just quite an easy market place. :-) Bonanza isn't big enough to be anyone's main focus, but it's a very nice little extra for almost no extra work.

Micah • 17th March 2017 •

Never mind Bonanza UK sellers need to be watching the TV in April if they really want an eBay/Amazon alternative. Then Tamebay will really have something to get their teeth into.

Mark • 17th March 2017 •

Ooooh we like secrets. No we don't! Tell us please!

Jon • 17th March 2017 •

I sell on Bonanza by 2 years, it is very easy to add and manage inventory with a CSV file but sales so far are not that much, more than 100 total, average 1 sale every week, I have sold also to UK customers and from other countries but mostly US. I don't know if it is worth it but it is free to list and with CSV files the time involved is not much

Piero • 17th March 2017 •