New eBay partnership seeks to grease the wheel of cross-border trade with China

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eBay has launched a joint venture with Citic Private Equity Funds Management firm Orange Connex Holding to launch a service called Orange Connex (OCL) that will make it easier for ecommerce merchants in China send goods more efficiently to Europe and the Americas. OCL has already launched SpeedPAK which offers as a new shipping programme through eBay geared towards cross-border selling and ecommerce sellers based in China.

The SpeedPAK service currently offers delivery from China to the USA in 8 to 12 business days. New services set to launch in the next 3 months will offer a similar service to the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

Our investment in OCL, and the launch of SpeedPAK are of great significance as it enables end-to-end management of shipping processes and greatly enhances the buyer experience. In the future, more buyers around the world can enjoy high-quality products with great prices from China in a more convenient and faster way.
– John Lin, eBay global VP of international cross-border trade

Plenty of UK merchants and Tamebay readers are already frustrated with eBay and Amazon competition from Chinese sellers who don’t play fair and, although measures are increasingly being taken by government and HMRC, aren’t paying their honest contributions of UK VAT. So you may be miffed that eBay is making it even easier for trade between Europe, America and China with this logistics deal.

But, equally, China is a growing and lucrative marketplace and the traffic of goods is by no means one way. Chinese consumers are looking west to buy too. Both Amazon and Alibaba, via TMall, have already put in place schemes for expedited shipping similar to this.

But what is not clear, at this stage, is how this might practically be utilised by merchants and so we will watch this space to see how the partnership develops over time.

4 Responses

  1. Excellent, now the Chinese can completely take over the first 20 pages of every search with goods that are not only cheaper than we can even buy them at, but can now arrive far quicker…. taking away our only defence!
    Watch this space as in a few years it will be called Chinabay….
    I really do dispair with ebays complete inability to look after its homegrown sellers, yet pulls out all the stops for the scammers, buyer and overseas people. As for it beinga two way thing…. yes hang on i will source from China, then sell it back to them and 10x the price they sell it at….. Excellent, can’t wait to see they dress that up as ‘great news for sellers’.

  2. Question;

    Are eBay themselves the real sellers from china hiding as Chinese sellers?

    Or may I ask why it’s in eBay’s benefit to dilute the site further with crappy listings at lower prices which result in worse customer service and lower fees gained from lower price points on sold items.

    Let’s not forgot killing the small and medium sized businesses out there

  3. Ebay don’t lose out…
    1, at the stupidly low prices more people buy stuff and it makes ebay look cheaper for stuff.
    2, These Chinese sellers are much less likely to question ebay decisions on disputes etc so reducing the staff work load for ebay – more savings, plus they are more likely to have a higher rate of negs etc and so less likely to get Ebay discounts. The lie that ebay is trying to drive standards higher for buyers is old and worn out, it’s about profits.
    3,Ebay don’t care about business size, you or me…. it’s all down to the year end figures. Do you think of the independants when you visit a major supermarket or buy something from the big discounters online? No you simply look for the best price most fo the time, just as ebay just look for the best profit margin.

    This is why ebay don’t care about the flood of Chinese sellers. Although this may alter slightly is HMRC decide to collect VAT from Ebay and let ebay collect it from the sellers!!!


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