Making the most of eBay Shops and the recent changes

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One of the aspects of eBay, and it is both infuriating and invigorating, is the constant state of change that merchants experience. This can mean relatively minor functional changes in My eBay or the Seller Hub. Or it can also relate to big changes in eBay shops or other features. Sometimes we think we’d like to see faster, more significant and radical change at eBay. You might disagree.

But regardless, at Tamebay, we always report change and we know that readers appreciate that, so we’ve boiled recent updates into new ebook update. You can download that right now.

In this free eBook titled 30 More things every eBay seller needs to know and sponsored by ChannelAdvisor, we look at a number of really vital eBay features.

We are often asked about eBay Shops. People usually want to know what you get with each level of eBay Shop and why that makes sense. What does each level of subscription offer a merchant?

People ask: Do I need a Basic, Featured or Anchor eBay Shop? On a base level, considering costs (as we look at in the ebook) is the only approach. Depending on the number of listings you make each month or so will ensure you make the right choice. Calculate what you use and decide which package works best. Do the numbers.

The eBook isn’t just about the eBay Shops. We’ve also crammed it full of tricks and tools that you can utilise to scale up your eBay business generally and make it both more efficient and effective and, therefore, more profitable.

And even if you are an experienced eBay merchant that knows everything, we bet there will be at least one morsel here that you’ve overlooked or forgotten. Here’s what’s included included in this eBook:
30 More things every eBay seller needs to know

  • Examine how you can take your eBay business to beyond the basics
  • Look at the benefits of an eBay shop and which level will suit you best
  • Introduce tools and services to help you scale, automate and become more effective
  • Explore new features and trends on eBay in 2018


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