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We recently announced an eBay volume pricing discount for US sellers and today can reveal that the promotion is definitely coming to eBay UK and starts today! It’s worth checking out as it comes with 50% off final value fees and eBay tests indicate that sellers could see up to a 23% uplift in average order size when using a Multi-Buy discount.

The volume pricing discount promotion will run for a month from the 6th of November to the 7th of December. eBay will give 50% off final value fees on any extra items sold using Multi-Buy that sell on qualifying listings.

Final value Fee 50% Volume Pricing example

If a listing is created with a volume pricing discount and a set of two is sold, the regularly applicable final value fee will apply to the first item sold in the set, and a 50% refund will apply to the second item sold in the set.

If a set of three is sold the regularly applicable final value fee will apply to the first item and a 50% refund will be applied to the second and third item sold.

Benefits of using multi-buy

  • Extra visibility for your offers in the View Item page – with your discounted prices in a prominent position
  • One click Multi-Buy experience, with easy to understand discounts
  • Potential savings on postage costs for Multi-Buy sales – as repeat buyers buy in multiple quantities, you can send items in one go

“We are excited to launch multi-buy pricing in the UK in time to get most of the peak season.

Multi-buy is a powerful tool offering great value to buyers whilst increasing your basket size. This is part of our ongoing commitment to give you more tools to grow your business.”
– Kit Glover, Senior Director of Seller Experience


Full terms and conditions for the promotion are on the eBay site and we’ve put some additional FAQs below:

Which listings can I use Multi-Buy on?

Multi-Buy can be set on any fixed price multi-quantity listing. For listings that have multi-variations or single quantity, the reduced price would not be displayed and would not be applied at checkout. The tiered discount will not show, and is not applied, on single quantity or multi-variation items.

How many listings can I apply Multi-buy to?

Multi-Buy discounts can be applied to 500 SKUs or Item IDs per promotion.

How do I end a Volume pricing promotion early?

Find the Active promotion you want to end on the Promotions dashboard and choose Pause from the Action drop-down list. Once the promotion is paused, to permanently end it choose Delete from the Action drop-down list.

How does this work with my other promotions?

If your item is in multiple promotions, this is the order of visibility:

  1. Multi-Buy
  2. Coupons
  3. Order discounts
  4. Sale event + markdown
  5. Shipping discounts

With Multi-Buy, targeted coupons and order discounts, only the best discount will be applied based on what’s in the buyer’s cart, regardless of which one is shown to buyers.

If you’re also running a markdown sale, the Multi-Buy offer will be applied on top of your discounted price.

If you’re also running a shipping discount, a Multi-Buy discount may also be applied.

15 Responses

  1. And could they just stop messing about with the system unless it is a fix, now struggling to leave feedback, I used to be able to select all items that were paid and dispatched needing feedback.

    Where is it now?

  2. it’s an OK idea, but has been done poorly.

    I’ve selected about 10 listings this morning for a trial (2 = 10% off, 3 = 20% off, 4 = 30% off) and will see what happens in time.

    Sadly, Ebay aren’t promoting MB discounts in the main search results. Ebay have a different definition of promotion to everyone else, seeming to think that promote means hide until the last opportunity. In this case, only when the potential buyer is on your page will they find out what MB discounts there are. This is poor, when you consider the extra work buyers have to do to find the deal they want. Ebay really should be giving them the deals on the first page.

  3. Here we go. Chinese sellers. Buy 5 get 80% off.

    Bang there goes another shopping center or high street

    Race to the bottom springs to mind

  4. The only concept ALL marketplaces seem to understand is that the cheapest price wins, every time. There’s no premium choice with marketplaces anymore. Everyone has been made to look the same and it’s just price that separates you from everyone else.

    On the high street, I can choose whether to shop for crappy pencils in Home Bargains or overpriced ones in Rymans, depending on how I’m dressed that day, but at least that’s my decision. On marketplaces, the latter might as well not even bother selling on there.

    “So much choice but so little choice”… should be the motto of everyone marketplace.

  5. Just been checking some of our multibuy listings by searching for them and Ebay are now promoting the discounts in the main page of search results. There is the £tag icon and text with “Save up to X% with Multi-buy” (X being whatever your discount is)

    Good stuff. That’s exactly how it should be done if we’re to benefit from offering multibuy discounts.

  6. This isn’t as clear as first seems. To benefit from the multi buy option the customer doesn’t have to buy 2 of item A from you. They can buy 1 of item A and 1 of item B and still get discount.

    This may sound fine but the issue is the customer can buy Item A for £1000 , Item B for £1 and then get 5% discount off the whole order. So on a 5% mutli buy discount they’ll pay £950.95. A saving of £50.05.

    Problem is that 50% final value fee discount eBay tempt sellers in with…. that only applies to the second item (or as it should be phrased THE CHEAPEST ITEM). Let’s assume a 10% eBay final valuation fee.. for giving your customer a discount of £50.05 , eBay will only give you a discount of 5p! (50% off the 10p FVF on the £1 item)

  7. What’s the point in having a multi-buy option that allows you to buy different items.

    That’s no different to the current promotions you can already setup but just worded differently.

    Multi-buy is suppose to be discounts for buying bulk (of the same product)

    eBay have lost the plot. It’s so obvious that no-one at eBay towers has the blindest bit of knowledge about how to run a business.

    It almost seems that sellers have to go to the end of the earth and back just to comply with eBay’s ridiculous changes, just so that they can make the process of buying and selling easier (for both buyers and sellers), only to have eBay change something again and break the fluency.

    They themselves are the cause for most of the problems that contribute to a poor buying and selling experience on eBay.


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