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StockX is a marketplace best known for sneakers and streetwear, but they’re adding collectible categories with trading cards coming first. Now StockX have added a comic book category to their ever growing trading platform, specialising in rare vintage and modern key issue comics. From the first-ever Star Wars comic book, to the first appearance of characters like Black Panther and Harley Quinn, these books are highly coveted due to their cultural significance.

The marketplace already The features more than 200 key comic book issue releases from top publishers including Marvel, DC and Image.

“Just like our sneaker and streetwear customers, the comic book collector on StockX seeks products that not only carry cultural significance and meaning, but also serve as an investment opportunity. In addition to introducing a catalogue that is uniquely curated and specialized, we’re unlocking a tech-forward buying and selling experience and unprecedented price transparency and visibility into the comic book market.”
– Greg Schwartz, Co-founder and chief operating officer, StockX

“Successful movie franchises and ever expanding licensing opportunities have transformed comic book personalities into pop culture heavyweights. Our favorite characters are more recognizable and more accessible than ever before thanks to product collaborations across fashion, beauty, entertainment, sport and gaming. At the same time, social media has made it easier for fans to celebrate these characters and franchises on a global scale.”
– Tyler Larkins, director of collectibles, StockX

The launch of comic books follows several other successful category expansion moves from StockX, including the launch of electronics in 2020 and the addition of trading cards in 2019. Category diversification efforts have helped StockX grow from a platform with 6,000 products from 17 brands in 2016 to one with more than 125,000 products from 800 different brands in 2021.

Authentication has always been at the core of the StockX experience and has long set the industry standard. Every comic book bought and sold on StockX must be graded by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), which is just one of the ways in which StockX will ensure the comic book vertical is held to the same rigorous authenticity standard as its existing product categories.

Comic Book category added to StockX trading marketplace, watch masterclass to learn more about trading on StockXIf you trade in categories that StockX cater for and would like to know more about the marketplace, watch their masterclass delivered at Tamebay Live in May. Marketplace retailers will welcome the zero interaction with customers, zero returns and a simple ship to StockX and they ship to the customer no matter where in the world they are located. Selling on StockX can also match a buy offer with your sell offer so if your price is right you can sell instantly with no waiting. Alternatively, if you want you can hold out for a higher price as there may be a buyer willing to up their offer to buy your product.


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StockX Brand Protection & Customer Trust Report

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