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There’s a BLACKFRIDAYUK eBay discount code that will get you 20% off purchases from 100s of small businesses any time up to midnight this coming Thursday – the 18th of November.

The BLACKFRIDAYUK eBay discount code is valid on all purchases of £9.99 or more on eBay UK on an eligible item so long as you pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card. An “Eligible Item” will include a reference to the coupon code BLACKFRIDAYUK on its view item page, just below the box showing the price and buying options.

The maximum discount you can receive is £75 per redemption but you can use the coupon code up to three times to tally up some massive savings.

eBay do have a landing page with qualifying products here, but keep a look out on view item pages as I managed to save £68 off a £340 item that didn’t appear on the landing page.

How to get the BLACKFRIDAYUK eBay 20% off discount

BLACKFRIDAYUK eBay 20% off small businessesThere are three things you need to do in order to get the discount:

  1. Find a qualifying product that you want to purchase – you’ll see the coupon messaging in search results.
  2. On the View Item Page, look for the “Pay only…” discount message and click “Show Me How” to get the discount code (spoiler alert, it’s BLACKFRIDAYUK.
  3. Enter the discount code in the voucher field at checkout – if you don’t enter the discount code (which you can do on desktop, mobile and in the eBay App) then you won’t pay the lower price!

As with all offers, there are some basic terms and conditions such as being based in the UK and buying from eBay UK… you can read the Ts and Cs here.

9 Responses

  1. 600 listings in this offer, came in this morning and had a really good weekend of sales, best in several weeks. However not one order has used the discount code. My opinion it’s poorly advertised on the listing and too complicated.

  2. So was checking out what some folks were saying on some forums and blogs.
    The same old offer they do every week for the same sellers dressed up as BlackFriday. Same big sellers with the same “eBay spam” on deals sites. This is not seen as an offer anymore it is overused

    Like the last one they did not anyone knows this includes thousands of other sellers as the eBay links ( this is about as far as some people look) takes you to the same big sellers.
    I had more sales on OnBuy than eBay the other day go figure.
    Sales on eBay were OK yesterday but Saturday and Friday you may as well not exist.

  3. Also part of this voucher and had lots of sales this weekend. Not one single use of the voucher.

    On the listings only one mention of the voucher and it is in tiny letters how you can get the item cheaper. My OH says she’d not have seen it or assume you have to take out a credit card to get the discount and would ignore it.

    Shame as this is the first time Ebay has invited me to be part of a voucher

  4. There is no reporting system so sellers don’t know which sale used the code AND looks like ebay is charging seller fvfs on the price BEFORE the discount… How many sellers will miss that and be overcharged?? Another “glitch” or on purpose…

  5. Glitchbay at it again.

    Cost me a £100 sale- couldn’t accept the buyers offer because eBay wouldn’t let me do so.

    Joke of a site

  6. When people are saying “Nobody has used the code”
    I am wondering how eBay actually display this.

    Because I know customers who Know about the code and say they will use the code, who’s orders still show at full value in Selling manager Pro.

    Additionally, on some orders, if you click through to the order on SMPro, on teh top left under “Purchase Details” it shows the TOTAL as the discounted amount, but in the same breath shows bottom right the order total as if no discount was applied?
    Yet in the payouts, they are still paying out the full amount with no discount?

    So I am wondering if these codes are being used, just eBay are not displaying this to sellers very well. And no idea how eBay are taking the sellers share of the voucher? Maybe add it to the sales invoice?

  7. No one has used the code for me either. I agree with the above poster who said – it looks like one of those things where you have to take out a credit card to get the discount.

    The way it should be is just advertise the lower price (as with a sale/markdown event) and the original price below it with a strike-through. That way, people are more likely to click on the listing to begin with.

    It’s also the first time I’ve been invited to participate. It’s been implemented awfully. Won’t be doing it again, I’ll just run my own sale the old fashioned way.

    And there I was, actually thinking eBay’s crappy coupon was going to boost my sales!

    I despair.

  8. For all those saying buyers are not using the coupon, if that is the case great they are giving me the full price. The coupon is part funded by ebay, so they bill you for 10% at a later date. You pay full price on the final value fees and also full VAT if VAT registered. You never actually see a breakdown of who used the coupon so a little bit underhand from ebay.
    Good for sales and bringing some cash in, but not the best deal they run. Much prefer the lower final value discounts.


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