New AI-powered TikTok Creative Assistant

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New AI-powered TikTok Creative Assistant

TikTok are tapping into the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence technology to intelligently collaborate with brands and creators throughout their creative journey with the new TikTok Creative Assistant. The TikTok Creative Assistant is now available when logged into TikTok Creative Center with your TikTok for Business account.

They have been working on a model that allows you to converse and collaborate with when creating for TikTok. It draws information from a wealth of TikTok-focused creative knowledge, providing you with the most relevant responses for when you’re creating ads or videos for TikTok.

It works alongside you, integrated in TikTok Creative Center, the platform where TikTok creative ideas are born.

  • If you’re new to TikTok, Creative Assistant can guide you through TikTok creative best practices and advise you on how to get started.
  • If you’re conducting research on the creative landscape on TikTok, Creative Assistant can showcase and analyse inspirational and top ads based on data sources on Creative Center.
  • When you’re facing writer’s block, Creative Assistant can brainstorm TikTok ideas with you, write and help refine your TikTok scripts.

With TikTok Creative Assistant, you’re now empowered to continuously create a meaningful and valuable presence on TikTok through never-ending ideation and brainstorm sessions. This tool means brands and creators worldwide can harness the power of artificial intelligence to better ideate and create TikTok creatives like never before.

Getting started with TikTok Creative Assistant

TikTok have some suggested example prompts to get you started. As you test drive these prompts, it’s important to remember that Creative Assistant is a launchpad for creative ideation, providing suggestions and playing the role of a collaborator in your creation journey. You are also always in total control, and have the option to use, edit, discard or redo the materials. These prompts are only suggestions, and you are able to change and tell Creative Assistant what you need help with.

Learn how to create for TikTok

I am new to creating videos on TikTok. What are some best practices I need to know before starting?

Gather inspiration with a research companion

Show me top-performing ads on Creative Center in the [industry] industry.

Brainstorm TikTok ideas

Come up with TikTok ideas for my brand named [name], promoting [topic].

Write and refine your TikTok scripts.

Write a TikTok ad script for my [industry] brand named [name], targeting [market] and [target audience]. Highlight these benefits in the script – [benefits].


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