First look at AdCommerce ROI metrics

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eBay are trialling ROI (Return On Investment) metrics for AdCommerce which should be rolled out to all users in the near future. Currently the trail is available to a limited number of AdCommerce users. With the ROI data sellers will be able to see the number of bids, number of items sold, total sales in £s and Sales vs Cost.


The ROI data appears as additional columns under the AdCommerce reports tab. There are a couple of important points to note when interpreting the data. Firstly ROI metrics have only been measured since the 1st of September, so clicks before then aren’t included in the ROI data. Secondly sales are recorded on the date of the click, not the date of the sale. If a potential buyer clicked on an AdCommerce ad today and placed a bid, but the auction doesn’t finish until 10 days time, then the sale won’t show on the current figures. When the auction ends the sales data will be backdated and count as today’s sale.

The ROI data highlights which campaigns are successful and which are less profitable. For instance the fourth line shows sales vs cost ratio of 52.34 – a sale for £205.00 cost just £3.24 to attract. On the other hand on the third line with sales vs cost of 1.82 it cost £159.17 to attract sales of £290.11, which for most sellers isn’t an attractive ROI.

ROI metrics will enable sellers to see what’s working and what’s not profitable and to increase successful campaigns whilst ending or adjusting those which aren’t providing value. Don’t be too hasty in ending less successful campaigns – when you first see the data it will be for a limited number of sales. For a true picture you need a large volume of clicks and sales for the data to be meaningful.

There are some other new features being added to AdCommerce such as an Ad Wizard with an integrated keyword recommender and an Ad Strength Meter to measure the quality of your ad copy.

If you want to find out more about AdCommerce I’d recommend reviewing the recent AdCommerce webinar that eBay held.

Many thanks to Karl of Wholesale Clearance for the screen grab of AdCommerce ROI Metrics

Disclosure – Wholesale Clearance advertise with TameBay



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