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Are your eBay fees mounting up more than you’d like? Are all those 5ps starting to be a burden? Why not follow the example of today’s Deal of the Day seller, and stick a bunch of completely different lines on one multi-variant listing!

DOTD bags

is a choice of three Top Shop bags – slouch, over-body or clutch. Very nice they are, and unsurprisingly, one has already sold out. I just wish I’d thought of this when I was selling beads: I could have just had one listing for “choice of beads”, and then 3,000 variants of size, colour, shape, country of origin, what they were made of, and so on. Silly me 😉

Being serious for a moment, eBay’s seem slightly vague on where we draw the line between variants of one product, and different products entirely:

What items cannot be combined in multi-variation Buy It Now listings?
Different brands and different functional products can’t be combined. In most cases this would be a breach of eBay’s Fee Avoidance policy. For example, you could not create a listing that combines different brands of fine gauge cotton cardigans into one listing. You could not create a listing with the traits Article, Size, Colour, where ‘Article’ refers to shirt, pants, and jacket to make the single listing include an entire outfit.

I’d have assumed that these three entirely different “Top Shop bags” were “functionally different”: that a variant can be colour, or size, or trouser leg length… but not “shape of bag”. Was I wrong – or is this another example of one rule for DOTD sellers and another for the rest of us?

DOTD bags screenshot 3

11 Responses

  1. I have a hunch that eBay told them to list this way. I don’t think they are trying to avoid 10p in listing fees (Do DOTDs even cost to list?). I think it is more about getting more DOTDs out there without cluttering the site.

  2. Surprised Arcadia hasn’t had this pulled as they usually require clearance Topshop items to be de-tagged and not sold as Topshop brand.

  3. To be honest, I would think this is fine. They are all bags, of the same brand.

  4. I love how James locked it afterwards so that few people would see it. He posted similar on the PS board, but without locking it.



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