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If you’re running out to buy an England t-shirt to celebrate our inevitable win tomorrow (ahem), be sure to read the small print before you start. Today’s Deal of the Day seller will charge you a restocking fee if you change your mind:

We have a 30 day warranty on all items and you can return an unwanted item within that time frame and we shall deduct a 10% re-stocking fee.

The with the other Deal of the Day, on the other hand, does at least itemise what you’ll be charged for:

I will however accept returns for 7 days. In the event of a faulty prduct [sic] i will exchange it within the 7 days. If you require a refund it will be after i take off my ebay fees and delivery charges and paypal fees before issuing a refund.

We all know this, don’t we? If buyers are returning goods under their Distance Selling Regulations’ right to return, you can’t charge these kinds of charges. The OFT’s leaflet spells it out:

The retailer must refund the full amount including the delivery costs … You are not allowed to make any further charges, such as a restocking charge or an administration charge.

I’ve said it before: I’ll keep saying it. These are supposed to be eBay’s flagship listings and yet they are being allowed to include terms like this. Why is eBay not having someone check over the listings before they go live?

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  1. It’s because they are too busy worrying about whether Mary has low DSR’s for dispatch time for her knitted scarves.

    ebay is a joke and the sooner it goes the better. How is this a good buyer experience exactly ebay?

  2. I know why, as I suspect do many on here. As a big seller, with an account in good standing, high DSR’s, no ploicy breaches etc you get an account manager…

    …It is this account managers role (amongst others) to protect your account against policy breaches etc. They will not allow certain reports to have an impact on the sellers account, rather than actually correct the errors.

    Also, eBay are finding it VERY hard to find sellers for the DOTD, due to buyer abuse.

    INR claims for DOTD sales are the highest % on eBay. It’s said that this is due to the perception of the abbusive buyer that the “big” seller can afford such loss, a typical opinion of many a shoplifter.

    INR claims are compounded due to the pressure of free post on DOTD sales, so the seller has little choice but to send goods without tracking.

    It was once thought that eBays “dodgy” image was due to scam sellers, I am fairly certain that now, the dodgy image is due to the type of buyer that shops on eBay and not the type of seller.

  3. I agree with Bigpoppa, particularly the last para’.

    We’ve found buyers are simply abusing feedback/DSRs and the whole system seems to be cracking.
    A few other sellers I know, have stated their DSRs are all over the place & more buyers ARE marking 3-4s for no clear reason.

    INR problems are a pain. We all know RM is not perfect, but some buyers know only too well how to con the seller, know Paypal will give them their money back & the sellers are the loosers everytime.
    A buyer bought ^3 x items from us paid the slowest/cheapest post option. We sent the packet & dispatch email, then within a few days, opened a paypal claim (not a dispute).
    No matter what, the buyers was going to win & we loose.

    It has to be the same DOTD sellers & hopefully they are earning enough to cope with the INR claims.

    Pile it high & sell it cheap is not one of my sales ambitions.
    Good quality & reasonable price is.

  4. A while back we looked into Deal of the Day and eBay told us “not to expect to make any money, but see it as a branding exercise”. That was the end of that.

  5. The sports seller in practise doesn’t charge the restocking fee if you have ever brought from them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Deal of the day is a double edged sword, and a few of my clients have had 2 hours to get one together for eBay.

    Weekly deals are better.

  6. Oh Daily Deal is popular among mind changing buyers, who grab the bargain in a flurry then realise they don’t actually want it. Even had cases of people requesting a refund the next day as they don’t want it any more.

    (Normally the speedy seller has sent it out the same day purchased – very annoying)

    Plus you have to sell below cost for most items and eBay give you the difference in your fees – but you loose on postage ๐Ÿ™‚

    Daily Deals are just a branding exercise, a paid one ๐Ÿ™‚



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