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eBay have launched the shopping basket beta and you can try the eBay shopping basket for real on eBay UK.

It’s great to be able to drop items into the shopping basket and then if you find a better deal or price you can simply click the remove button to take items back out of your basket.

When you come to pay you can choose to purchase everything in your shopping basket, or remove the check boxes to just pay for those items you’re ready to buy.

If you’re wondering how to get back to your shopping basket once you’ve items in it the easiest way is to click the shopping basket icon which appears next to the top right menu bar, or of course you can go to My eBay and pay for the items in the normal manner.

As expected the cart is a site wide shopping basket so you can purchase from multiple sellers. You’ll also find any ended auctions that you’ve won will automatically appear in your shopping basket ready for you to pay along with any other purchases you wish to make.

Fixed price items in your basket will be available to other buyers until you pay for them. The one thing that may put buyers off is if they see high delivery charges as shipping obviously can’t be combined for items from different sellers, so to keep your items attractive consider free shipping or at least make sure your shipping costs are competitive and offer combined shipping discounts.

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Once you opt into the shopping basket experience you’ll find that the “BUY IT NOW” button is replaced with a new “Add to Basket” button – clicking the button adds the item to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
The only thing that’s missing is the “Carry on shopping from this seller” link in addition to the “Continue shopping” link. Currently “Continue shopping” appears to default to items from sale from the seller’s items you first added to the cart which is frustrating if you want to search a different sellers items.
I’ve made some purchases using the shopping basket and everything appears to be working as it should. This is a change that many sellers (and Sue in particular) have been asking for for years so it comes as a very welcome upgrade to the site.
You can , but personally I’ll be keeping it.

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  1. wondered why everything on ebay is buggered up this morning ,checkout is skew wiff half, the items that only finished minutes ago have unpaid item flags on them ,etc etc etc

  2. well I guess they would have thought about that, they will only allow it if the items are PayPal only surely??? But on the other hand you are only really adding them to a shopping basket, so you have not actually bought them yet

  3. The only thing I like about this is that you can pay for several items with one transaction. With BUY IT NOW items you could lose the chance to do that if it is hanging about in your SHOPPING BASKET. Perhaps ADD TO BASKET could be an additional button?

  4. As an inveterate luddite I will lurk awhile before opting in.

    Around 50% of my sales are to International Buyers, am not sure how these will be plugged in to the basket.

    Nonetheless, a welcome move by eBay.

  5. Ah! Just cottoned on that it’s not a seller opt out!

    Sorry, that’ll teach me to read Tamebay before reading the eBay Announcement.

  6. So, um, how long can I keep the shopping cart open before I have to pay for everything? Hours? Days? Weeks? And what happens if over a period of time I put items from several different sellers into my cart that I want to go together, and then when I go to pay, I find that one of the items is no longer available? What then is to stop me from dropping everything else from the cart and refusing to pay?

  7. I’m loving this but I have one tiny whinge: “add to basket” from your watch list doesn’t add it to basket, it takes you to the view item page. They need to fix it so the action and the link text match.

  8. I heard on a Channel Advisor Webinar last night that CA items will have to checkout separately after the shopping basket.

    Has anyone any experience of this?

  9. Anybody know what if:

    Buyer adds 30 day BIN to basket 30 mins before the listing ends naturally, continues shopping and then goes to checkout 40 mins later?

    Item still in basket or gone?
    If gone, any alert to that effect to customer?

    Normal shopping baskets only have to cope with stock outs, not time outs.

  10. The first link in the article seems now to go to an eBay info. page about the shopping basket.

    Curiously I cannot find where the info. page is linked from the eBay site.

    This appears near the end of the info. page:

    ‘If the seller does not post to your country.
    Some sellers may indicate that they will not post items to certain countries. If you still want to purchase the item, you will need to provide a different postage address’

    Seems a rather incongruous suggestion.



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