Free auction listings for private sellers 23rd-24th October

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There’s free listing on eBay UK this weekend for private sellers. For the 23rd and 24th October private sellers can list on auction for free regardless of start price.

As with recent private seller auctions use of professional selling tools such as TurboLister or Selling Manager Pro are banned, and Business and PowerSellers aren’t eligible for the discounted fees. Seller must use the Sell Your Item of Quick Sell forms on eBay to qualify for free listings.

There are the so check before you list, but again it’s a great time to list higher priced goods on eBay on private selling accounts.

10 Responses

  1. This is getting beyond a joke, Ebay announces yet another free week for private sellers, as a business seller this is really starting to wind me up, I doubt I am the only one.

  2. The upside is it should generate more traffic.

    Be honest. Are business sellers really going to use the server based listing tools provided by eBay?

    They are far too slow and time is money.

  3. A significant change in the “small print” is that re-lists are excluded, but surely there are ways around this?

  4. I too am interested as to how eBay will differentiate between an item ‘relisted’ and an item ‘sell similar’ (when the sell similar item is in fact the same as the unsold item).

  5. we dont think its such a bad idea
    we hear constantly about sellers also being buyers
    its quite a clever way of dragging potential buyers thru the door

  6. Free auctions for private sellers the weekend of 6th/7th of November!

    It does not take Nostradamus to work that one out.


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