Free auction listings on eBay UK: 9th & 10th October

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It’s eBay UK’s turn for a free listing day for private sellers again, this time on 9th and 10th October. Any item listed by a private seller on auction regardless of start price will have the insertion fees waived.

Once again not only are business sellers excluded, but so are the professional listing tools including Selling Manager Pro and TurboLister. There are some exceptions such as motors and property, but if you’re thinking of having a clear out and raising some personal funds before Christmas this weekend is the time to get listing on eBay.

8 Responses

  1. Terms and conditions state:-

    “If you list items in the promotion period with a starting price of between £0.01 and £0.99 they will still count towards your limited 100 new listings/month.”

    Does this mean that if you list with a starting price of £1 or more they won’t count?

    Does anybody actually list with a 99p start price during a free listing promotion?

    eBay do have this tendency to say things that don’t mean an awful lot and not say things that should be said.

  2. This is turning into a bit of a joke, all that is happening is that business sellers (who don’t register their account as a business) are flooding the market on the free listing days which are literally happening every week, it is hurting legit business sellers.

  3. Plenty of us predicted that the free “private” listings were necessary for ebay to keep reporting that the listing numbers were holding up. They’ve had to maintain that key number, just by a different method. Ebay has no interest whatsoever in getting businesses to register properly.

  4. Once again business sellers will see their paid for listings flooded out by “private” (read as unregistered businesses) taking full advantage of the freebies.

    Add this to Ebays messing around with search settings over the last few weeks and it makes you wonder if Ebay actually want legitimate business sellers who pay their way to stay on the site, if they do their going the wrong way about it…

  5. In terms of the need to keep listing numbers up the new duplicate listing policy does not help. ebay surely will have factored this in to their calculations. There has to be another reason for the large number of recent private listing freebies.

  6. I expect to get roundly abused for saying this, but —
    ONE of the reasons eBay do promos to encourage private sellers to sell is that buyers who’ve sold a few things become much more loyal to the site *as buyers*. In the run up to Christmas, that’s to be encouraged.

    That said, eBay could and should be doing a lot more to ensure that business sellers are registered as such. The limit of 100 items is far too high, and (if anecdotal evidence from eBay forums is to be believed) the STR from private sellers is horribly low, so there should be something in place to ensure they don’t just keep relisting tat that isn’t going to sell (which is always the problem with free listings).


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