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eBay.com have announced a new buying feature called , which is a product comparison site highlighting the savings available compared to other ecommerce venues. In truth it’s more of a total revamp of the old Dealfinder feature which aimed to find lowest priced auction item on eBay which is about to end (You can still see the old version of ).

The new eBay.com DealFinder compares the current selling price on eBay to the lowest price they can find the item offered on alternative sites. The sites for comparisons include Amazon, Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Newegg, NeweggMall and Barnes & Noble. eBay say that when they find a better deal on eBay they display it on DealFinder and display the percentage saving based on the best next price they find.

Of course it does mean if the item you’re searching for isn’t on the DealFinder site there’s a pretty good chance it’s either not available elsewhere, or that it’s available at a lower price on another site. It also appears that you’ll have to be a Top Rated Seller for your items to be included on DealFinder.

Even though you’ll only find the item you want if it’s cheapest on eBay it’s still rather cute and DealFinder currently has almost 20,000 product deals live spread over almost 4000 pages. You can narrow your search by category and only then will a search box be displayed which searches DealFinder – on the home page only a general eBay search box is displayed.

Buyers should appreciate this new shopping comparison feature and eBay are even including live links to click through to competitors sites to verify the savings available. I’m not sure how pleased Amazon et al will be at being used as a comparison to eBay prices, especially as their item prices will only be highlighted when they are more expensive. It’s also worth noting that the price comparison does not take into account any shipping or handling fees.

Anything that increase buyer activity on eBay is good news, so if the new DealFinder encourages shoppers to spend more on the site it should be welcomed by sellers.

11 Responses

  1. Any ideas on how they select the item to post? Is it the simply the lowest price or is it something more interesting like the least quantity at some price significantly lower than the lowest price on competing sites (I noticed they do make a big deal about the quantity available on DealFinder)? They should maximize FVFs if they can afterall.

  2. Another one.

    The Sopranos – The Complete Series (DVD)$229.98 eBay

    Amazon $128.00

    This is apparently a deal finder that only benefits one party.

  3. It just goes on.

    The Mentalist: The Complete First Season (2008) eBay $24.99

    It states Amazon is £24.99, it’s not, it’s $23.00

    Someone at eBay is either incredibly dumb or they are purposely trying to con buyers with lies.

    I doubt Amazon are worried Chris, I would imagine Bezos will collapse on the floor with laughter if anyone ever points this pointless bit of eBay tripe out to him.

  4. Talking of DVD Boxsets, my beloved has discovered Friends, so I thought I would get her the boxset for Xmas, Amazon is £44.97, eBay is £36 and upwards, so I thought Hmmmmmmmmmmmm and Googled it, and found that Tesco have them (instore) for £20, well chuffed

  5. Veronica Mars – The Complete Second Season 2 Two New eBay $13.99

    It says Amazon price $33.49

    Go to amazon and it’s actually $7.95+$2.98 shipping.


  6. Marty Stouffer’s Wild America (DVD, 2008, 24-Disc eBay $63.98

    Claims Amazon is $80.99

    Go to amazon and its actually $52.70+$2.98 shipping.


  7. Apparently you can save 23% on Smallville – The Complete Seventh Season if you buy it on eBay instead of Amazon.

    eBay $20.73 + $2.99
    Amazon $15.25 + $2.98

    What kind of calculator do they use?

    I’ll stop now, sorry for boring everyone lol

  8. My maxim for years, trust eBay seller way more than trust eBay.

    eBay wanna be a bankster, making the moves.

  9. I found a site where you can get coupons for restaurant called “Printapons” they are on all over the news, search online



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