Is International Site Visibility listing enhancement worth buying?

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In eBay’s latest Seller Update they’ve said that if you specify International postage to the US, Canada and Australia your listings may appear in the standard search results for that country. This will start from late August.

eBay have already let sellers know that they are testing greater visibility for UK and German sellers on eBay Italy. In May this year eBay Australia started to display listings from the UK and the US.

So is it worth paying for the International Site Visibility listing enhancement? It only costs 30p for a fixed price listing or between 5p and 15p for an auction, but those fees all add up over the course of a month.

The dilemma is you “may” appear in search results on overseas sites whereas the International Site Visibility upgrade ensures that you will. There is of course the possibility that your listing would have appeared on overseas sites even if you hadn’t paid for the listing enhancement.

It will be interesting to see how eBay handle this one and if sellers get tools to let them know when their listing appears in search results on overseas site removing the need to pay for visibility.

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I must admit I rarely use this feature because I figure if people want the item bad then they would search .com or

Robert Mansell • 13th July 2011 •

I agree with Robert, i rarely used this feature as turning a 5p listing fee into a 35p listing fee, it didn't make sense. I do like the increase in the amount of characters in the title. In fact, i do not see much downside in the proposed updates, we will just have to wait and see how they are implemented!!

Lee Pearce • 13th July 2011 •

I have 1800 listings. They run 7 days. To use the international visibility option, I would need to pay £90.00 every week. That is £360.00 a month. This is so I can get my items seen by .com buyers. Or I can list on and they see it by default. Which am I going to choose? ---------------- Ebay need to move away from offering upgrades by listings as they are too expensive. Store upgrades however would be a much better idea. Imagine being able to pay a "small" fee each month in your shop to purchase 200 subtitles? Or how about a small fee to raise your shop from a UK shop to an International Shop. (That way people could run two ids, one for the local product and one for the international). The International shop then would be seen on ALL International Ebay searches by default. 30p for ISF on an Auction listing is terrible value for money. The only upgrade that is worse is the 10 day listing fee... Get rid of all these micro fees. Give us proper business bandings on upgrades Ebay. :-) In fact, just get rid of individual fees and just charge a percentage on turnover and tiered shop use...

Mark T • 13th July 2011 •

In fact, just get rid of individual fees and just charge a percentage on turnover and tiered shop use… ^^This would reduce cost for Ebay. Simple billing: You have turned over £18,000.00 this month. Your fees are all inclusive at 7.5% with your Full International Ebay Store with all upgrads and the amount due is: £1350.00. ------------ Your fees are all inclusive at 6.5% with your Country Specific Ebay Store with all upgrads and the amount due is: £1080.00. ------------ Your fees are all inclusive at 5% with your Basic Ebay Non-Store Account with no upgrades and the amount due is: £900.00. Now wouldn't that be "simplicity" to be trumpeted... Now how simple would that be...

Mark T • 13th July 2011 •

Same as government always promises to cut red tape but never does, it won't happen. These decisions are made by accountants, the more complex it can be the more their job security is guaranteed. The bigger their department the more influence they have. Bureaucracy naturally leads to more bureaucrazy, they are obsessed with their own importance. Bureaucracy also disproportionately impacts smaller businesses so big businesses are generally in favour. We need a revolution every so often to get government down to a respectable size and back to its job of serving the people. eBay likewise should get back to serving its customers not padding the pockets of its favourites.

Old Hand • 14th July 2011 •

I can dream...

Mark T • 13th July 2011 •

So just to be clear, no, the ISF fee is not worth it in its current format.

Mark T • 13th July 2011 •

We're just weighing up the benefits here and there are some nice points you've all made that we overlooked. Does anyone know if it's possible to put all our listings onto .com from with some sort of utility or would we have to copy and paste each individual listing?

Stevo • 13th July 2011 •

Hello, I have a resorce you may like to post about eBay is the link to sign the petition to ask the board to remove Donohoe the person who has fronted the devistating changes in eBay (removal of neg feedback for buyers, buyer protection, increased fees, ect.) that have driven away hundreds of thousands of eBay users (sellers were usually buyers as well but many have moved on) my website I also wrote a story about my experience with eBay

Keith Rich • 14th July 2011 •