Another private seller free listing weekend 29-30th Oct

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There’s yet another free listing weekend for private sellers coming up. For the 29th and 30th October they can list up to 100 auction style listings with a start price of £1 or more (they already get free listings with start prices up to £0.99.

Again no professional tools can be used and only the Sell Your Item form or mobile apps will qualify them for the free listings. Full are on the announcement page.

eBay are running these promotions so often now it would be no surprise to see free insertion fees extended for private sellers in the near future. Can you see that happening?

6 Responses

  1. It says to me that they are possibly struggling to get used inventory on the site.

    Auction prices have been terribly low recently and I think that there is an issue here.

  2. It is to be regretted that the restriction of 100 items is still there. This is probably the latest Free Listing Weekend that will really make a differance to Christmas(Remembering that December is expected to be bitterly cold and snow everywhere).

    The Private Sellers often seem to finance their Christmas Purchases from Traders from their own Sales. So the more they list, the more(hopefully) they sell, the more money they have to buy from Traders.

    So I suspect that including the 100 limit will have the effect of reducing volumes and cash receipts for Private Sellers and consequently what they have in theit Paypal Accounts to spend on Christmas with Traders.

  3. I’ve never minded seeing private free listing days , if it boosts buyers paypal funds by a few quid , thats surely no bad thing.
    In answer to Chris D , I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar to the current “list 100 items free each month for under 99p” , but without the price cap.


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