No eBay UK TV ads in 2011

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There will be no TV ads airing in the UK this year for despite Tv campaigns in the US and doubtless elsewhere in the world. It’s a bit of a shame because at this time of year, a bit of cheer for sellers is always welcome, and anything that brings eBay to the fore as a shopping destination must be a good thing.

Needless to say, eBay are heavily promoting their pet project, the Fashion Outlet heavily, including with an outdoor poster campaign.

For a bit of nostagia, here are examples of past campaigns. I found the first, which from memory ran in various forms from 2005 to 2006, a bit vapid. I always thought the ‘follow on’ technique was never used to it’s full potential as a source of double-entendre and rather tame. More smut please, Vicar.

The so called “logo people” had charm enough from 2006 for a few years, but I’m just not sure the campaign reflected the tremendous human side of eBay. As I remarked to one senior exec at the ime, rueing that real sellers and buyers hadn’t been used: “eBay has 15 million members in the UK and, as far as I know, none of them are cartoons.”

And just for fun, here’s something they did Stateside way back when. Isn’t it a shame we haven’t had something similar. Funny, glitzy and memorable.

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  1. I remember the first add in the list above, think it is my fav one and actually made me go on ebay in the first place!

    It reminds me of Austin Powers films!

  2. Any info/ideas on why their not running the campaigns? Are they doing so well in the UK that they don’t need it? Or is money just being diverted to other more high opportunity markets?

  3. just think that rubber chicken could have been as famous as Donald duck with the right management team

  4. I was robbed! I was tied in to an exclusive deal with eBay and I just couldn’t do the other work. Novelty single, spin off ads, keyrings all in the Rubber Chicken brand.

    By the time eBay released me, the moment was passed. I was washed up. Shit business.

  5. I don’t remember any of these adverts, although I remember eBays poster campaigns as I used to be a Bus Driver. I like the eBay songs the company members sing at there meetings/seminars as posted on Tamebay, they would make good adverts.

  6. I never ever noticed ebays poster campaigns because as I was selling and buying on ebay not many buses passed by my monitor



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