eBay to inform sellers of proactive protection from buyers

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eBay are to start sharing good news with sellers – from the 3rd April, and monthly from then on they’ll be emailing all sellers for whom eBay have proactively protected from undeserved feedback or buyer protection cases.

If eBay have spotted an unusual pattern of low DSRs or negative or neutral feedback and removed them from your record they’ll be letting you know. They’ll also inform you if any resolution cases have been excluded from your seller performance record and if you have been protected by a standards grace period (normally this will mean you’ll be able to retain Top Rated Seller status even if in the past you’d have lost it giving you time to recover from one off drops in service).

To be honest I don’t know why eBay have never done this before – not the proactive monitoring and protecting accounts but letting sellers know when they’re looking out for them. Too often (and often rightly) we hear sellers complaining about sellers, it’s high time eBay started to let us know what they do do for us instead of it being a closely guarded secret.

Full including when you might expect to receive them are on the eBay announcement board.

16 Responses

  1. Still doesn’t give CS the power to act in a human response.

    This sounds like more automated “filtering”.

    When will Ebay realise that Customer Support is about dealing with SOMEONE whos SUPPORTS the CUSTOMER? 🙂

    Oh yes, the CUSTOMER, is those smelly sellers that keep insisting on listing on the site, even when Tescos have turned up and been given the front page… 🙂

  2. hows about an ebay human support rep being proactive and listening to a full time experianced seller , we know what were doing we know when a buyer is taking the piss ,were not so called ebay top rated by accident ,hows about ebay top rating our opinion rather than our seller fee invoice

    that way customer support reps could concentrate on important issues rather than constantly fighting off waves of complaints about unfair feedback

  4. A simple recommendation system would be good Chris.

    But Ebay needs its metrics for its own purposes.

    Though why they need the buyer to engage in that I don’t know…

    …They have all the information.

  5. Here is what we’ve just got;

    Thanks for being a great seller. As part of our ongoing support for sellers and based on our policies, we’ve taken actions to protect your hard-earned seller performance status. For transactions occurring between 01 Mar, 2011 and 29 Feb, 2012, we have:

    Removed negative/neutral Feedback*: 4
    Removed low detailed seller ratings*
    Item as described: 1
    Communication: 2
    Dispatch time: 3

    Unfortunately, we can’t give specific details about these removals for confidentiality reasons.

  6. I just had much the same.

    It’s nonsense – the number of feedback removed are the same number that I’ve had removed through my own efforts and I suspect the scores go with that.

    Not one has been removed without my intervention.

  7. A reminder of the message that ebay give buyers when feedback is left:-

    “Thank you for leaving Feedback for 1 transaction

    Your Feedback helps keep the eBay Community informed and safe.”

    What sort of impression about ebay does the use of the word “safe” give?

    Is it time to change the thank you message maybe?

  8. the whole system is utter bollocks
    you can have thousands of buyers orgasmic in delight at your service and quality, yet ebay allow just a couple of arseholes to bugger it up

  9. Hi,I have to agree.I have been given a straight red .No Comms!!!!nothing from a newbie with 2 feedback.

    Because of this am now below standard.I have to wait 2 months before I can see the light!!!.

  10. And all this for what?

    A small fee discount and a 20% improvement in search standings.

    If ebay’s feedback system was not so out of date and out of touch with todays ecommerce review solutions then ebay would not need to be sending these emails out!

  11. I agree.

    We had 1 buyer who took 3 weeks to advise INR, then another 3 weeks to reply to our email, & in both cases we acted immediately.
    Then they leave us 2 neutrals stating lousy CS.


  12. just received ours
    cant seewhat use it is
    if we dont know who and why,
    we have 11 buyer protection cases removed for example,
    we can only think they are every day normal returns when we have asked buyers ourselves to use the refund process


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